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August 19, 2012



That's it?


She's joined some kind of militia, apparently.

Water Tunnel No. 2

I think she's saying she took a course in wilderness survival. But doesn't she live in Brooklyn?


Y'all had tents?!? That's bullshit.


We didn't have tents the night we slept out in the thunderstorms.

And Bronwyn didn't join a militia, but should it ever become necessary at some point in the future for her to team up with a group of scared and lonely hold-outs, she could learn them a thing or two, tell you what.

A lot of folks will say, "No it's okay. I got it," when they actually want you to take it. Not this one. If she says she's got it, you better let go.


I forgot to mention, anywhere, that Bronwyn was the only one to start a fire without a lighter or matches.


Good for you, Bronwyn.

John C

RE: Being bewildered. Long, long ago, I was a boy scout, and they told us this story: Someone once asked Daniel Boone if he'd ever been lost. He replied that he'd never been lost, but that he'd been "a bit bewildered once or twice."

I thought that kind of story would be repeated whenever older or more experienced outdoors people were talking to younger or less experienced ones.

Now you can repeat that story to everybody.

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