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August 02, 2012



The hell with this gay-hate crap!


which video was that in...I totally missed that...


Well it's goddamn dancehall reggae, so it must be about burning gays to death. Pretty much all that crap is.


Oh dear, someone's getting his music news from politcal rags.

ljp, dancehall is a musical genre, nothing more, nothing less. There's been skinhead-nazi punk, rascist country, homophobic rap, r'n'b and gospel, and even wacko classical composers like Wagner, but no sensible person dismisses entire genres because of these creeps. Dancehall ranges from the wedding-party friendliness of Shaggy to the gangsta-rap inspired thugs you're refering to. I like naughty double-entendre gems like this one, recalling the clever calypsonians of the '50s. One of my fave tune of the '90s! (But then again, I also like Benny Hill's songs...)


Thanks for saying something reasonable, Mr. Fab.


Well OK Mr. Fab, but I'm saying if WFMU puts out objectionable music like Jamaican murder music, not to mention more of that jingoistic hippie-bashing or racist country, on their blog, I'm gonna stand against it.


Well it's goddamn dancehall reggae, so it must be about burning gays to death. Pretty much all that crap


"No mama man,
no sodomite,
no homosexual,
no transvestite!"

- Papa Levi

But seriously, everyone knows that Jamaican music has always been profoundly anti-gay, or sexually conservative, at the very least--it just used to be cloaked in a more palatable religious rhetoric in the pre-dancehall era. Realistically, the number of blatantly homophobic screeds in dancehall are few and far between.



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