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September 29, 2012


Bill C

If you were to tell me this was Pat Paulsen I'd agree. This doctor's vocal pitch sounds remarkably close to Paulsen's vocal delivery except that Paulsen was even more nasal and uber droll. I wonder then if our good doctor is also from the Pacific northwest, related to Paulsen, or his hypnotist.

"You can almost smell the pine from the pine trees and it makes you feel relaxed... your mind becomes peaceful and you're really letting go..."

You will have to post side two.

"Let go of the muscles of your external brain..."

Frank Zappa and Steven Wright couldn't have done this material any better.


Thanks @Bill C ! And thanks for making me think of dear ol' Paulsen (appropriate in an election year!). I wanted to test the waters a bit on this post - to see if anyone WANTED to hear side two (I do! - I haven't heard it since I transferred it from the K7, years ago)... So I think we can look forward to a return visit from the good Doctor on Saturday October 13th at 6pm EST !


Wait wait wait MacNitt! I am not in my Pyjamas. I cannot turn out the lights. I am not resting comfortably. I am at work. I need to relax at work. I need you to help me relax at work. I need you to help me here. What kind of scam is this?

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