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September 16, 2012


D. Misner

Bob. what you do is awesome. The left behind or lost reels are a documentary of how people live their lives in all of its pathos, absurdity and tenderness.


Unfortunately your target audience probably didn't read this far, but I did, and I enjoy it immensely. I think that nostalgia occupies the same part of the brain that facilitates/necessitates religion/spirituality. I think it's necessary and I don't trust people who don't have some kind of passion for a time that doesn't exist.


So fantastic to have shared this journey with you.

Steph Ong

Reels, cassettes, CD's, who knows what might come next? Most of these records might be neglected over time-thrown away or buried somewhere. Only real enthusiasts have the dedication and the passion to collect and listen to these rare finds. Here is one song that's worth listening to even after a lot of years:


I absolutely understand what you're saying. While I don't have any reel-to-reels, I do have a decent-sized collection of home-recorded cassettes, answering machine tapes, Recordio and Wilcox-Gay records, etc. I love this stuff. I don't always know what prompted someone to make the recordings, but I enjoy listening to these sorts of things, far removed from their context, creators, etc. I think of them as "pieces of us" and enjoy sharing them now and then on my own radio broadcasts. You're definitely not alone in this regard, and it's too bad that your friend wasn't able to make this connection with you. Take care! --DaveX


Yes, this makes perfect sense to me. Feeling the "wabi sabi" flow, listening to Bob Dylan's "It's allright ma (Im only bleeding)". I left all Cynicism behind, because I sensed it served no purpose. Just as helpful as wearing full body harnesses 24/7.
Only hope more leave this judgemental state in declaring what is 'nutty' or 'inappropriate' too.

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