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October 07, 2012



Great work, Kliph! Do you have any idea of what happened to these people afterwards: Bert Stone, his wife, his daughter, Joanne Du Val? These people seem to have come from a Jim Thompson noir.


Da stili classici ma sobria che si basano su colori neutri e disegni di veramente stili occhio popping e innovativi che caratterizzano gli ultimi look per pezzi di tempo, si è sicuri di trovare proprio quello che serve per tutte le vostre occasioni importanti.

J Neo Marvin

The real-life Neil Hamburger?

Patrick Di Justo

Always great!!! And yes, do you have a line on what happened to these people after?

This is absolutely gold. I was not expecting that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just got yourself a returning visitor .


Off topic, but amazing new video from the "Mitt Romney - A Hero In My Mind" guy. Watch it til the end, it gets better.


Hello Kliph!

I really admire your writing and was drawn here by your subject - the vaudeville to Hollywood nightmare factory fringe and shadow dwellers. I was so happy to see a new post today and have been steadily burrowing my way through your prior posts (I really enjoyed the Mel Lyman personality cult and the Mob-comedian connections and the Dino's lounge story etc). Please keep up the great work and if you have a book out or upcoming - where can I buy it (seriously your research and writing are really enjoyable!). Thanks for the memories and the introductions to previously unknown to me people (like Rusty Woods)!


Rusty Woods? My bad - I meant Rusty WARREN
(Rusty "Woods" was probably unknown to you too!)

Dana Gabbard

Google News archive shows ads of Stone working clubs in Canada into the 1960s...

Dana Gabbard

I wonder if Stone was still getting gigs at some point solely because the word got around he owed child support and club owners out of sympathy for the kid would hire him despite the noterity and sub-standard performance. But not as a headliner, I would imagine. Wonder why after all that happened he was able to find work north of the border -- maybe the news about him didn't reach that far?


This story could be a great movie.

I'd like even better to see a movie of Willie "the lion" Smith, the Black guy who was a great pianist, but grew up in Newark, the son of a Jewish father, and was in a gang that was integrated called the Ramblers.


Here's the Red Skelton film clip Bert Stone possibly stole the Guzzler's Gin routine from:

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David Berger

What I love is the noirish quality of all this. As someone said above, it would make a great movie. You can't make this stuff up!

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