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October 28, 2012



Thanks, Bob! Mason Adams is always welcome. The IRS still puts out tons of PSAs, available digitally.

Somewhere I have a disk of Alison "The Nightbird" Steele doing Army recruitment ads.

Gred Ingbar

I love this stuff! I have a box box set of Carol Channing doing these short programs for Social Security. I hope to digitize them soon, would be happy to share some with you. They're pretty weird.

Tony C

Ike and Tina Turner recorded a lot of their Sue label stuff at that studio on South Brentwood Blvd.That studio has been torn down and is part of a large mall parking lot for the Galleria now. I work in the 1700 block of South Brentwood at a radio station not far from there.

Colin the Culture Hunter

Outstanding.. Land O lakes Co-op I love you


The Computerland Ad is a walk down history lane for me. It too made its way into "The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial Series - Radio" at

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