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November 24, 2012


Ron davison

I was the person who posted this Kellogg's video, and it definitely was from a 1952 TV program. Unfortunately, I don't remember what TV show it was from.

Andy Devine (Jingles) & Guy Madison (Wild Bill Hickok) are seen in the video, on the front of Sugar Pops cereal boxes. Their TV show "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" first aired on April 15, 1951. It is unlikely that the show would have been popular enough, prior to the end of 1951, for Kellogg's to put their faces on the front of Sugar Pops cereal boxes. I'm sure it took a few months before the show built an audience big enough to make it economically feasible to print millions of boxes Sugar Pops, with the two star's faces plastered on the front.


Thanks, Ron, for the info! I will remove those parentheses and free your "1952" date. Keep up the tasty work.

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