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November 04, 2012



Great post and list.

Here are a few more

Nuts are also decent for protein.
Carrots have decent shelf life and go well with peanut butter and hummus.

Thermos carafes for hot water are handy for the early part of storms and the everyday.

Camping outfitter sorta places sell multipurpose flashlights that hang/stand/swivel etc.
And oh, those little LED flashlights that clip on to bicycles are really good to go anywhere. Same goes for an LED book light.


Could've used some tips on camouflage; target detection; range estimation; bugging-out; debris shelter and fire pit building; procuring food and water; killing, dressing, and eating chickens; and marksmanship (including position, sight alignment, trigger control, breathing, and most importantly, repeatability).


From the above comments, one gets the true idea that Americans are:
1- Mad and crazy as a three-nut baboon.
2- Poor faggots who are always on the hunt for cash. Greed is America's second name.
3- Dumb trogs who have a long-history of buying "flashlights" they take seriously. Along with that, they're also sociophobic and are basically as point#1 stated above, crazy fucks.
4-5-&6- Some of the dirtiest human beings (doubt if they are ever going to upscale to such an echelon in the evolutionary cycle of the world), plus being such gluttonous shits, which the next point affirms quite over-stately...
7- Weird food? You mean shit, possibly? Si si.
8- American coffee IS NOT coffee. Americanusholes drink large quantities of joe to stay on the edge because they're normally numb all the time and are usually lazy (Read that as 'Fat').
9- Cellphones do need batteries and these need electricity. Simple. Americans cannot let go of theirs because it's where they keep their lives locked inside a dream-like world full of bullcrap.
Last, but not least...
10- Bundle up? Americans are such horny assholians who are also very paranoid. Can't even imagine how would a bunch of dirty, smelly little goons ever start to bundle up... unless, they're in for some hot, monkey sex. Hurrdurr.

Oh, and 11? They're the world's biggest beggars and most stupid thieves. This weblog is based on a series of beggathons after all, so little or wonder there: This point explains itself, obvi.

And, now... Waiting for the next disaster to further fuck such a nation who have gone so far up their collective asses, they think (*in all seriousness*) that, yeah they can be the world's elite power and rulers, too.

What a pathetic non-nation full of dogshit.

Add this point:
12- In case you feel so hangry (hungry and angry about it), follow a street dog and demand with a set of pliers and a torch-blower that it must shit in your hands. Do not rub it on your face! Eat it. Dog shit is good for you, my fella American'ts.

Smelly Old Hobo

Sounds like Anon. should have read #1 more carefully: refill your prescriptions.



Anyway. Good points, Bronwyn. As a Los Angeles native, I can tell you that the "earthquake kit" is a standard feature in LA homes, and quake preparedness is drilled into us since birth. Couple other points:

- Jugs of water should not be opened, and rotate them out every six months or so - write the date you bought them on the jug before you stick it in your earthquake, er, hurricane stash. Canned/nonperishable foods should also be chucked after a while.

- I've got a couple of backpacks full of survival necessities from an army surplus store. Yep, didn't have to go around and buy everything individually, 'twas all loaded already in the backpack. Check your local army suplus - they're popular among the conspiracy theorists/survivalists/Xtian kooks who think armegeddeon is imminent.

- Keep a phone land-line, not just a cell.

- re point 11: Despite what some idiot said on CNN during the Japanese quake/tsunami, there WASN'T looting in LA after the '94 Northridge quake. As one cop said, "The criminals were scared, too."

If you live in the hurricane zone, be prepared - there WILL be another big one like Sandy. This wasn't some one-time fluke. It's what Nature does.


My doc cold turkeyed me off an antidepressant in '07 and I'm still having seizures from it. These drugs cause permanent brain damage. Look up the thousands of cases all over the web.


If the tank is on the roof, and the bldg. is not lying on its side or upside-down, and the tank has water in it (which it won't forever without being pumped full), how could water not reach the top floor? The roof is on top; the tank is higher than the top floor. Your friend's story must be distorted. Probably it was a matter of the roof tank's being emptied and there being no electricity to pump it up again. It is physically impossible that they would need a pump ROUTINELY to boost water to a lower level than it's already at. C'm'on, you used to do a science interview show, right? Maybe your friend was just bogarting the water.

I like the suggestion to take a bath, though, because then I might sell some of my bubble mixture (see link). Got gallons sitting in a warehouse in Allentown gradually clotting.


I think that you're confusing the Iowa Firecracker with Dorian, Robert.

Archive Listener Frank

I for one have never taken my flashlights seriously.

She Who Lives On Delivery

I had nuts, flashlight, candles, clean hair, clean clothes, protein bars, apples, pears, pasta, crackers, cash, radio and batteries. I have a landline, a REAL landline, and I charged my cell (not that it mattered, because there was no service after the power went out). I even had baby wipes!! I have lots of blankets, and flannel nightgowns. I had water, filled the tub too. Had a bicycle, all tuned up. Have rain gear. But most of all, I had a job uptown with power and heat. LUCKY, LUCKY ME. I am A, SHE WHO LIVES ON DELIVERY! Next time, I'll get some peanut butter and more cash. I don't like hard cheese... but it makes sense (starving sailors in olden times movies ALWAYS have hard cheese!). I had cold water and gas in my luxury 5th floor walk up tenement apt.—extra lucky me. I would add the value of a GENUINE landline to your list, without that thing, I would have been SUNK. Working pay phones are hard to come by these days. Having gratitude also helped!

William Kvrtis


That is('nt) all.


Miss hearing your voice, Bronwyn! hope all is well with you and yours.


Amazing first photo, storm over city....wheres that from?



Margaretta Carvalho

The night before Superstorm Sandy was supposed to hit.


OK....definitely a sensible list and a public service done by posting it!

BUT I have to pipe up here about the StrBcks VIA instant coffee packets....even in non emergency life I think MOST people may want to avoid those suckers, especially if you are thin/normal to hi metabolism types. I love coffee and drink all kinds but I had ONE of those things in water, didnt taste too intense, but damn in the next few hours I was trebling, paranoid, shallow breathing, and my eyes were tracking lights with every glance. If that was JUST me I would write it off individual aversion but I know people larger and hardier than me who had the same problem. I work w a lot of long-distance drivers and those things seem small and easy to have on ya for overnites [not cheap] but everyone I know who ever tried that never did again due to severe tweakiness that made even driving hard.
I would sure as hell not want to be stuck in the dark that jangly!!!! We lost power and took great pains to make coffee and even normal coffee was not the best tactic to help w patience and goodwill....that other stuff daily would kill people.

but yeah I trekked into upper nyc to stay w a friend w power for a few days on the UWSide and it was very business as usual there in most ways. went to trader joes and that was odd in some ways....


I know it's a bit late but something that worked well for me here in Jersey City was to use my (essentially useless, once the internet had died) laptop to charge my cel phone and other batter-powered devices (pocket radio, etc).

I saw a lot of people using their cars to charge their cels. Terrible idea, given the gas shortage that was sure to come (and did it ever).

Your laptop has a battery in it. A big, powerful one. You may as well use it.

And, yeah, landlines. A lot of tragically hip young folks joke that they're useless. But mine worked the entire time I was out of power. Also a much better way to call 911, if you need to.

Chas Clifton

All good stuff, Bronwyn, but I would bet that at least part of the target audience is living there precisely because they do not wish to think of, for example, where their water comes from.

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