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December 14, 2012


The Basement Rug

Hey Doug, thanks for the plug on The Sound of Harlem. I would love to transcribe the other 2 boxsets, but unfortunately I do not own them. Luckily all 3 boxsets are a part of the permanent collection at the Toronto Reference Library: New Orleans, Chicago. They cannot be removed from the library, but they have listening stations there with headphones, and perhaps I can figure out some way to transcribe them there.

I must say that I was surprised at how good most of these recordings sound considering their age. There are a couple of real gems in this set, including "Red Beans And Rice", by Gladys Bentley. I enjoyed the female vocalists in this collection so much that I am putting together a podcast called The Dames of Harlem, which should be available by December 22nd, so stay tuned!


Hi Doug, thanks for the plug for "On The Record"! Appreciate it!

Michael Yahwak

You really should give a primer on how to download these files when you get to the download site there are so many different download buttons how do you tell which is the right one.

Doug Schulkind

Michael, I am always happy to help decipher the download procedure for any individual offering. Just email me!

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