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December 14, 2012



Preston Ware Orem, according to Wikipedia, was a leader of the Indianist movement in classical music (i.e, introducing Native American themes/motif in American classical music). Apropos of nothing, I *believe* he was also the father of Preston D. Orem, an amateur baseball historian who put together a couple of self-published histories of 19th century baseball which are highly regarded by early baseball experts.


This initiative makes me proud to be a WFMU sponsor. What a great response to another slice of copyright mockery.

Dj Alfred Hitchcock magazine

Almost 10 years ago the french band called "fabulous trobador"compose this song:

The idea was the same to replace The HBTY song.

And it's a great song


The "Song of the Volga Boatmen" is public domain, just change the words:

Happy Birthday (uuuuh!)
Happy Birthday (uuuuh!)
It's one more year that has come and gone
Happy Birthday (uuuuh!)
Happy Birthday (uuuuh!)
You're older now than you were before
Happy Birthday (uuuh!)
Happy Birthday (uuuh!)


Jimson, I believe, is referring to a filk popular in the Society for Creative Anachronism known as "The Mongol's Birthday Song" (amongst other names). One story as to its origins is here:

One can also bombard Time Warner and ASCAP by informing them of every copyright violation you may come across. Information here:


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