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December 08, 2012



Most of the KEY spoken word LPs in my collection all have the same stock cover art: a sort of black and white background of text, and large block red letters with the title, like "Cybernetic Warfare" or "Communist Cancer."


If you click the "Spoken Word" tag, you'll see I put up a few more of those Key / Bircher LPs a few years ago. Perhaps my memory is playing tricks with me, but I seem to recall Key doing some of the Janet Greene stuff--like a bonus LP with a box set of speeches? I could never bring myself to post that Wini Beatty LP--it's pretty bad.


Although I would never pay more that a buck or so for any of these albums, the history of the label is fascinating. Thanks very much for posting.

Rev. E.M. Camarena

The granddaddy of the tea bag nuts. This is INSANITY. Love the way he took a classic Jewish joke and made it two "Dutchmen"... Guess, like all conservatives, he was a coward at heart. I mean, is there a significant Dutchman vote out there?

rick carment

Been searching for a walter Brennan song from the 60s about a tramp who gos home and is told or tells himself to keep a movin old man you've been gone too long you don't even have a dime keep a movin old man you've been gone too long keep a movin on down the line.
If anyone knows the name of this song or has access to a copy of please e-mail me at [email protected]
thank you.

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