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January 07, 2013



bags meets wes

ponce de león

Re: Fred Kats, this sounds awesome, but the rapidshare download of the password looks worn out (public dl limit exceeded or the like). I'm sure it'll pop back up but would it be uncouth to post it here, someone who's gotten it, to get at the katz. thanks!

Doug Schulkind

@ponce de león
The Rapidshare limit is for daily usage. Each day at midnight it gets re-set to zero. This blog is based (I believe) in Europe. Figure out when midnight in Europe is for you, then try downloading at that time.

ponce de león

@Doug Schulkind

Thanks for the tip!

Sophia Quotis

Thanks a lot for your efforts. I love everything so so much.


fred katz pass: melanchthon, baruch or bloom
but don't bother - 7-zip says files corrupt.

Doug Schulkind

I downloaded this file recently and opened it no problem. Try using Stuffit Expander to unpack the file. The file is NOT corrupt.


no, now it's "download permission denied by uploader" on rs. never seen that before. oh well.

Doug Schulkind

This is maddening. I DL'd the Katz no problem but have been trying for days to get another offering at Sic Vos Non Vobis and have alternately received "limit exceeded" and "permission denied" notices. I think the thing to do is just keep trying. As long as you can stand to without going nuts, of course.

The good news is the some of the more recent posts at that blog are now using different file-hosting sites (other than Rapidshare).

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