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January 03, 2013



Where is Terri T's??

Brian Turner

didn't submit sorry....


Can't understand your concept right now!! I read it thrice But something is missing here out..!!!!

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Шкафы купе

ya good ...


BT, Bludded Head didn't make it, but Seven That Spell makes up for it.


Under Trouble's list:
Just Tell Me What You Want - v/a tribute to Fleetwood Mac
is actually titled Just Tell Me That You Want Me.


It's taken me a while to read even a fraction of this, but I've just gone into a collecting frenzy.

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I wanted to thank you again for all of your kind words about my cah-razy flight last week. You guys. Perked me right back up. And on the same topic...this? Made me laugh so hard. Sing it, Sister.


Merchandise- Kids of Wish LP (Katorga Works)
Crazy Spirit- Insane Soul LP (Toxic State)
Who Murdered Spikey Jacket? 12" EP (Total Fucker)
Neon Piss- Fluorescent Urine LP (Deranged)
Confines- Some Fed up Laugh EP (Side Two)
Goosebumps- I Dislike My System EP (Burn Books)
Kremlin- Will You Nourish Me? EP (Hardware Records)
Warthog- Sequence Pockets Demo
Twerps- I'm Ridiculous EP (Feeble Minds/ Karmic Swamp)

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playlist pete

Rich, a short list would be sufficient dude. Way too much information, especially regarding your personal life. Why in gods name would we need to know all that, or care? Edit.

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Thank you, I have recently been hunting for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve found so far.

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