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February 12, 2013



Speaking of cheapening, there's nothing like an endorsement by the insipid Thurston, is there?

Doug Schulkind

Personally, I relish Moore's bursting-with-love free jazz list in Grand Royal. Care to share your choices, Bart?


I think it's a cool list to get into the whole free/avant-garde jazz thing. The fact that's a top 10 with actually over 15 records in it makes pretty clear, that it isn't meant to be exclusive or anything. Actually the list led me to Sunny Murray, who was my entrance into free jazz.

Doug Schulkind

If anyone is unawares, the list being referenced here is Thurston Moore's Top Ten From the Free Jazz Underground. Use it as a diving board to cannonball your way into a beautiful pool of sound.


Thurston Moore is insipid? Wow, learn something new every day.

Tyran Grillo

Thanks so much for excerpting my review of Sam Rivers's Contrasts. I'm glad to others are out there listening to this lost record. This is a fantastic blog, and I look forward to exploring more!


Great music, good to remind myself of old songs, nice blog btw.

Michael Yahwak

Looks like you are the only one posting to the blog, I wonder why is that? Ay\t least you still do and that is a good thing.

Doug Schulkind

Michael, keep your eyes, ears and nose open for a re-launch of this blog. Soon come...

Check this Butch Morris interview. Recorded Summer 2012, at Sines, Portugal:
(article written in portuguese, but the sound is in english)

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