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March 24, 2013


Jody Lynn

This is so stupid and it makes Elvis fans look stupid. I have never met one single fan who believes that Elvis is alive. It is a media thing.

Can't they write anything about Elvis that is not insulting or stupid?

Andrew Waterloo

It says a lot that even when Elvis faking is death is fictionalized they don't go anywhere near this turd of a story.


So now I know where the late-70s Sun-artist Orion got his name.

Tono Bungay

Interesting stuff... but yeah, non-dumb material on Elvis is somewhat rare from the little I've seen. On TV or in print, material seems to be either a hagiography or a hatchet-job or, like this, an unintentional jumble of the two... on the one hand it's almost crediting the guy with super powers, on the other hand it's reducing him from a singer with a complex messy life to a stick-figure in some fandom delusion (or rehashed porboiler novel, as the case may be). Oops, I rambled... forgive me, it's late! =_=


We are all Elvis now.


I remember watching this show with some friends around the same time that Geraldo was opening up Al Capone's vault. Both had the same end result. We shared many a laugh during these shows.

Personally, I find the idea of Elvis faking his death intriguing, but unlikely. It's the same as people claiming that Jim Morrison faked his death. In both cases, if those guys aren't dead by now, they're so old that it seems doubtful that they have anything more to contribute to their legacies (such as they are).

Tor H Tor

Can you heart stand the shocking facts about Tor Hershman's, the world's greatest Elvis impersonaTOR, death?

Ian Rans

I'm working on a video proving that Bill Bixby is still alive.

Michael Herren

Makes "Bubba Ho-Tep" seem believable!

Andy adderley

Wow very useful post. A big thanks for sharing !!

Tor H Tor

Well, Mr. Herren, how's 'bout a lill'
AMEN HOTEP (the IV, that is)

Now this is interesting BUT totally not unexpected...yesterday moi checked-in @ me MySpace page, hadn't been there in a couple of years, ONLY to post at Artie Kornfeld's MySpace. I wrote how I had purchased his "A Time To Remember" solely upon the strength of the jacket's artwork BUT became completely enraptured by the super-hippiesque songs.

Anywho, I checked today and my post ain't there & must be one of Artie's MySpace Friends to post a message.

& now (& HOW) your best Kermit The Frog voice ain't easy being #1 on the Must Ignore At All Cost List.

Glory to young master Scharpling & Ken Levine the ONLY two show-biz people to not be 100% under the The List's domination...not that any of this matters.

Stay on groovin' safari,


i think Elvis actually died in the bathroom of his Palm Springs home.

Jay Smith

Now that would be something special if he was still alive today! The question is why he is believed still alive.

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Mickey Moran

Elvis is still very much alive and his badge for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs is not honorary.

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