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April 02, 2013



FYI...this video will not play. It keeps saying "embedding this video is disabled by its owner."

Oh well. Could you maybe provide an actual link?

Jason Forrest

Really? Works here fine!


Nope. Still gives the same message.


always happens with network awesome/jwplayer. no idea how to fix it, but its kept me from watching their videos.


Yeah - same problem here -embedded video is diabled by the owner.Obviously they do not want anybody watching this!

Rockford Files

I went to networkawesome and could not find it there, either. Great, a story about something I can't see.

Network Awesome

Hey everyone:
Sorry, we thought we had fixed the problem with the embedded player (works for us at least, but I guess it needs more work!) But I added the link above, and I embedded a few links. Whole show is located at:

Sorry again for any problems! We'll get back to work fixing it!
Jason F from Network Awesome

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