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May 26, 2013


Malcolm P. Shiel

You have the speech titles reversed. "Can Liberals Be Educated?" is the correct name of the 'degeneracy' mp3, and "Conspiracy or Degeneracy?" is the name of the other. Other recordings of Oliver can be found at .

By the way, Oliver was far from a wacko and was not a Christian -- see his book (freely available online) _The Origins of Christianity_:


I think maybe he shot himself.

William Centipede

@Malcolm P. Shiel: Yes, he was not a Christian, because Christianity was too Jewish for his anti-Semitic worldview. He peddled John Bircher style conspiracy theories about American involvement in World War II and about the JFK assassination. He promoted holocaust denialism, too.

So he was a paranoid racist right wing nut job of the first order. When you look up "wacko" in the dictionary, you should see a picture of Revilo P. Oliver.

On the other hand, I don't think it's fair to link him to tea party groups or religious conservatives.


Wow, thank the secular heavens I'm foreign and not involved in any of this messy politics (we have our own!).

So, William Centipede, you think there's a clear dividing line between hating Obama politically and hating him racially? And is it really less racist to hate Muslims because they're Muslims than it is to look down on non-whites generally because they aren't white?

They're not the same, but they're comparable and connected. I'm a leftist, so if people want they can compare me to Stalin or the Red Army Faction, I suppose... lol! Can I deny it?!

PS. If Revilo were around today, he'd be too infuriated by Obama to notice anything else!

Beauregard T. Gassblasst

William Buckley founded National Review. Oliver was a friend of his and contributed in the early days (I think he wrote book reviews) but they had a falling out when Oliver joined the John Birch Society.

Chas C-Q

@Beauregard T. Gassblasst

Such matters are paltry details. We've got smearing-by-association to do here!

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