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June 23, 2013



These are lovely! I'll certainly use these in some fashion, either for broadcast or heaven knows what. Nice sounding tape! As usual, very useful material.


Sweet!! These are great! Sometimes I have that nostalgia to, but I wonder if 60 years from now people will be saying the same thing about our "jingles". Personally I think a lot of musical creativity even in jingles won't be as good as it was back then. Cheers.


Thanks for posting these. There's a special art in putting these tailor-made jingles together, and they're so well done and charming to boot.


this is fun

scoobie doo bap

Thank you for this and for his website. there's nothing like it on the internets.
Thank you.


Thanks. I found a use "Columbia TV Service Company" in the tongue and cheek, "The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial Series - Radio" at

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