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June 06, 2013



I knew that there was something that I needed to hear today. And over 200 iterations of that silly scream (mixed a variety of ways) is apparently it. Now I know that it appears twice in The Wild Bunch. Wonders never cease. I've always been a fan of the scream - thanks for this insane video of most of them!

Laurie Glasson

Sent this article to my husband this week when I saw the tweet and knew the entire day I would have to work on an apology. I sincerely thought he was insane-suffering from the theatrical equivalent of voices in his head. For years, when we have been watching movies, he had said "there is that same scream, I swear" and I just smile politely wondering what else he is going to start hearing, When I told him about this article he specifically mentioned the Boba Fett scream, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Braveheart. I was still confident he was totally wrong, until I read this article. So here I am, admitting to the world HE WAS RIGHT and I, potentially, was less than right. Glad to be on the inside of this inside joke.

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