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July 23, 2013



Thanks! bought their bandcamp ep months ago after hearing it on fmu. great stuff.


Did you not find their original drummer, Mike Forbes, accomplished? He is the MOST accomplished musician working in North Texas right now. Maybe I am reading this wrong. He was also a member of the original line-ups core and his influence on the first album is the greatest influence. I am just saying for his sake, he didn't just get replaced by a better drummer, he left and they found a new incredibly talented drummer, but he was by no means a schlock when it came to composing the original material and making sure it was played right; he was there regulating. Credit is due where credit is deserved.


Much respect to Mike, I saw them with him the first time, and he was tremendous. By no means a schlock—I am a huge Tiger Hatchery fan, and in that context, Mike is king—he's the American Peter Brotzmann. So I'd concur with your statement, "...he left and they found a new incredibly talented drummer...."

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