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July 21, 2013



These are just great. Keep 'em coming! It's amazing how I used to HATE these very audio gems, whence they were being aired on the radio... Now, I can't tell you how I value them & am amused by them.

Andy D

Track #2 is for Deep Rock gasoline, marketed by Kerr-McGee. They're the ones that killed Karen Silkwood. Ít sold in the Midwest from about 1955 to 1967 and was rebranded as K-M.

Andy again

Burny Bros bakery was a Chicago company founded in 1910. It was sold to Beatrice foods in 1963, who sold the wholesale division in 1976. The retail division, brand, and remaining assets sold to Entenmann's Bakery of New York, and the Burny Bros. Bakery/Burny Bakers brand was removed from the retail market.


The Chevy Truck jingle mentions the year 1970, I think.


Agree with Timmy ... love these and please keep 'em coming.


Thanks for the informative tidbits, ANDY D. And thanks again, Mr. Purse for more of these darned things. I have a radio show coming up that is perfect for these - now I'm going to have to troll through the LAST batch you put up and pick my favorites to use. You perform a necessary service to humanity, sir.


Burny Bros. bakery products were proudly featured at Wrigley Field well into the 1970s.

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