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August 14, 2013



So getting laid equals not nerdy? Sounds like someone's pussy whipped.


"Has anyone seen my panties?" is a truly epic movie tagline. I'd take College Capers over Inferno any day!

Seriously, though, can any fans out there tell me... why is 3D supposed to not suck?! I do not understand!!!

I got 3D headaches as an '80s brat... I saw Michael Jackson's crappy space movie at Disneyland in the '90s (I think) with no headache but also no discernable good qualities... and the recent movies I've scoped out didn't tempt me enough and I spent the money on music or food...

Nope, I don't get it at all.

The question is for real though. Why do you like it???


Dual projectors isn't that unusual. I have seen films you have mentioned that way, and not in the fifities. It certainly is the only way to go, though.

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