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October 17, 2013


herb jue

hi, oct 25, 2013

i was lucky enough to attend, and have some qwik comments:

(1) i came in at the end of NEW FUNDING MODELS (not to be confused with NEW MODEL ARMY), and we laughed at liz's remark about a big non-profit using mobile apps to raise funds,

(2) and oh those clever people who use NATIVE ADVERTISING, and you can tell ON THE MEDIA's bob garfield could talk all day about this,

(3) LUNCH, wotta nice surprise, and thanks to the man who told me it was cool to take a 2nd sandwich (i have a tapeworm to feed),

(4) and really? BENJAMIN WALKER was in the room when the PODCAST was invented? excellent. (and to think, i was in the room with a guy who was in the room...),

(5) the COMEDY PODCAST had some vg laughs, and some serious moments (like, MOBY is allergic to lipstick. uh, i'm doing a mash-up of 2 remarks.),

(6) ALEXIS OHANIAN is very very inspirational (but i'm an old dog, so no new tricks for me. even my tapeworms are old.),

(7) last minute replacement ADAM CURTIS is like bob garfield, he's got lots to say. and i'm still tryna figure if he's right or if he's overly paranoid.

i eagerly await next year's edition, take care - herb

(i will try & write something up the the BIG TAKEOVER magazine's website.)

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