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May 03, 2015



I usually dig the hell outta 60's era cover tunes. Especially those recorded during the 60's. But, this collection is on another level. I can't quite explain what hearing these lack luster versions do to my consciousness. It's like a madman dripping hot polyethylene on my back & expecting me to walk around busy intersections of the city, advertising some non existent company.
Thanx, again for changing my perspective.


Good thing it's Stereo "Compatible". I would had to think I could play this on my new Stereophonic Hi-Fi

Roger Kaputnik

They sound so tired! I want to get into my time machine, fly back there, burst into the recording studio and shout "C'mon guys, put some life into it!"

The lead vocalist sounds a lot like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins when he sings 'Mrs Brown'. And not in a good way.

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