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June 28, 2015



Found a copy on eBay (one of several)

Appears to be complete....Recipes sound yummy!


I couldn't get the danged player to cooperate, so's I D/L'ed the first track & listened to it. Now, unlike you, Senor Purse, I have always been a huge Johnny Cash fan.
I was amazed whilst hearing the Houston Hash number... WOW, Johnny never sounded so great! As I listened further, I keenly evaluated the singing... I have come to the conclusion, that this is a Johnny Cash impersonator. I don't by any means mean any disrespect, because this fellow does such a fine job of sounding EXACTLY like Cash. But, he just sings all too perfect, for it to be Johnny Cash. I don't know who the hell he is, but my hats off to him. Every nuance, every phrasing technique. Wow. But that aside, this is one bitchin' song! I mean, Johnny Cash sing about some broad makin' him up a heapin' helpin' of Houston Hash.... YEAH!!!!
I will now have to D/L all the remaing trax & give them a listen...

John Hazelton

I don't think any of these "Rice-ipes" songs were performed by any of the big names listed on the LP cover. Looking at the eBay listing provided by LarryWalbillig, what we seem to have is a two-record set. Record 1 is a collection of popular songs by a bunch of Columbia Records' country music artists, and record 2 has these seven Rice-ipes songs performed by studio musicians in various country styles.

The LP clearly lists what performer does which song on disk 1, but there are no credits of any kind on the Rice-ipes disk, no performer credits, no publishing, and no assertion of performance rights, which tells me it's all promotional, work-for-hire material.

I gotta agree with Timmy--"Houston Hash" is definitely NOT Johnny Cash, but is someone trying to sound like him. Record 1 is the premium you got for your buck-and-a-half plus proof of purchase (or whatever), and the Rice-ipes came along with it.

Bob Purse

Based on the comments by Timmy and John H. (and also, my own questions, which I didn't mention in the article originally), I have updated this post to indicate that the singer here is probably not Johnny Cash, nor are the others most likely anyone well known.



I personally wouldn't dare to state that the singer of 'Houston Hash' is an impersonator instead of Johnny Cash singing this song. Listen to Johnny Cash on his own show about the same time 'Houston Hash' was recorded.

Comes pretty close,doesn't it?
Found a nice site with more details on the records. Very nice website by the way.

And to top it off, found an New York Times article about the music director Arnold Brown who was involved in the recording sessions. Dancer Fitzgerald Sample was an advertising agency, now incorporated in Saatchi.

ADVERTISING; Music Director Retires At Dancer Fitzgerald
By Philip H. Dougherty
Published: July 10, 1984

Arnold Brown has been involved in the selection of some of the century's most-often-heard melodies as music director for Dancer Fitzgerald Sample since 1967.

But now Mr. Brown has moved into retirement, no doubt humming Toyota's ''Oh, What A Feeling,'' ''Gentlemen Prefer Hanes,'' ''Lifesavers, a Part of Living,'' and, the most relevant, Peter Paul Cadbury's ''Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut.''

Maybe there's someone in this world who could answer this question for sure. Was this Johnny Cash singing 'Houston Hash' and two more songs during this advertising campaign? Was Riviana maybe one of the sponsors of the tv show? Or was there a brilliant Johnny Cash impersonator who has been hiding his light under a bushel for so many years?

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