April 17, 2006

Murderation Vol. 1



Hey Kids, $mall ¢hange with another semi-occasional post to drop some mp3 science for yas.  I'll try to make these tings more regular.  Lately I've been getting into more and more old school dancehall, literally tons of great rekkids out thurr, with many underappreciated in collectro circles.  So here's a few jams I have in heavy rotation at the moment...

Knight Rider  'Bad Boy Steppin'
crown heights is definitely steppin' to this jam off the 'Kuff' riddim.  If you don't have Shelly Thunder's 'Kuff' I more than highly recommend.

Gregory Peck  'Informer'
on Stalag, same riddim as the classic 'Bam Bam' by Sister Nancy and 'Ring the Alarm' by Tenor Saw.  I like how he riff's Jacob Miller's 'Tenement Yard' into some harder steez, and he continues the JA tradition of naming yourself after a celebrity (Charlie Chaplin, Clint Eastwood, etc).  Sorry for the scratchy-ness on this one.

Courtney Melody  'Ninja Mi Ninja'
Rougher than Rambo.  Courtney has one of the sweetest and toughest voices in reggae, and shoutout to Scratch Famous of Deadly Dragon fame for championing this one.

Thoroughbred  'Time Bomb'
Don't really know too much about this one, its from '83 and its definitely got style.

Also, if you're ever wondering what riddim a certain dancehall track is on, there's a few websites out thurr with large databases that cross reference artists, titles, and riddims.  Very handy...czeck this. 

And if you own a lil' sampler like a Dr. Boss and want to load up of classic sound efx, such as the bombs, lasergun, ufo, etc, head over to the selectors resource page at Deadly Dragon. Nuff respeck!

November 27, 2005

¡Sho' Nuff Beeyotch! (WFMU record fair crack Part 1 of 69)

Pict7035'Sho' Nuff' by the group Sly, Slick and Wicked.  Nice little super duper sweet soul rarity on JB's People label.  Not to be confused with the excellent track called The Sly, the Slick, The Wicked by the Lost Generation on Brunswick.  Copped from dealer/collector/DJ Jordan, whose doubles put my shit to shame.  Man is no joke.  Thanks cousin!  Czeck it here... (MP3)

September 28, 2005

Hey - Lerner - Lasst Uns Doch In Ruh'

Pict6971That's right kids, more german madness.  As if Rapper's Deutsch wasn't enough retarded kraut for ya, here's Another Brick in the Wall, aka Stein um Stein.  This shit is totally evil, especially when the kid's chorus comes in.  A fitting song for the current state of the world.  Enjoy!  I'll see you in hell...

August 10, 2005

¡Dancing in the Streets!

FootlooseFrom my peepholes at Legalize Dancing...big shouts to them for helping put together this long, long, looooong overdue lawsuit.  In the 90s I spent many evenings DJing, dancing, having a good time...until Rudy Ghouliani and his nightlight task force goons showed up.  Usually around 12:30-1:30am, just when things were about to pop off, they would shine flashlights in people's faces, write tickets and even padlock your favorite downtown lil' spot--because of DANCING.  That's right, dancing was and still is ILLEGAL in NYC.  Quality of life my ass.

I also think its hilarious they got the choreographer from footloose involved.  And the ex-owner of the Plant Bar is my man Dominique, who's been doing stuff in NYC for years, and currently part of the electro-ish dance rock group the Glass.  Mas info on his group here.


Four Dancers - Byron Cox, Ian Dutton, John Festa, and Meredith Stead - and a social-dance organization, the Gotham West Swing Club, filed suit June 23rd, 2005, in a New York State Supreme Court, calling for the immediate repeal of the Caberet Laws on the ground that they restrict the state's guarantee of freedom of expression by legislating and limiting the act of social dancing at eating and drinking establishments.

The plaintiffs in the case are represented by a team of lawyers that includes NYU law professor Paul Chevigny and former New York Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Norman Siegel.  The next court date in hte case is September 2nd, when the city will offer its initial response to the suit.  On October 18th, the plaintiffs will file their response.  The judge is Hon. Michael Stallman.

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July 27, 2005

Diese 45 wird total Verzögert

Hey kiddies, $mall ¢hizzange with another mp3 for your drug addled brains. Rapper's Deutsch aka Rapper's Delight Pict6888_2in German! Scheisse! Supposedly its three German TV personalities from back in the day caaashing in the 'gimmick' of rap music (you know, before the 'fad' died like disco). The early 80's were ripe for this stuff.

And yet in today's world, with people way too serious about the type of champange consumed and the size of rims on their Escalades, there's more than enough room for parodies. Fuck hip hop, let's bring back RAP. Where's Bobby Jimmy and the Critters when you need 'em? However, Rich Little doesn't need to get back into the studio anytime soon.

Click here for an extensive site of novelty rap hits (or should I say misses?!). Even Marvin the Robot grabs the M-I-C.

July 13, 2005

a lil' Reggae for your Jeggae

Wassup wassup.  I'm finally getting around to dusting off the laptop and posting to the almighty FMU blog.  I'll keep it short and bittersweet cos all you greedy mofos just want free mp3s anyway.  So here 'tis. a nice dubby take on the Brubeck classic 'Take 5' by lengendary reggae session man Val Bennet.  While the A-side is nice, it gets a wee bit schmaltzy, so we flip it over and give you the version on the flip, cos as Public Enemy once stated, 'B-Side Wins Again!'  Originally came out on the Roots label, and there is actually a Take 5 riddim, I have something else on this by Welton Irie. Download MP3.