April 02, 2007

Bronwyn C.’s New York State Fiscal Year 2006 Top 10

I know all the other DJs did their 2006 Top 10 lists in January, but I was kind of overwhelmed right then and didn’t get mine done. I planned to post it for the Lunar New Year, but then that came and went without my having the time to rassle with blog posting. I kept thinking there’s got to be another New Year, and it turns out there is: New York State’s fiscal year begins on April 1. (How appropriate!) So here’s my list, in no particular order. I was surprised to see how food-related it was once I trimmed it down to just 10 items. I was going to speculate as to why that’s so, but I decided that if I started thinking about that I might never post the list at all.

6juangil_4 1. Juan Gil 2004 Jumilla—The first time I sipped this, I thought, “This is what red wine should taste like!” It’s a deep, dark color, with some body to it, and tastes like fruit sitting on top of flinty old rocks. Plus it’s not terribly expensive. I keep going back and buying more, and wish I’d just bought a case when it was on sale at my local discount dive. I’m not a big wine connoisseur or anything—I usually drink my Juan Gil out of an old Welch’s Grape Jelly “Flintstones” glass—but I really like this. And it got, like, a 90 or 91 from one of those fancy guys, in case you don’t trust me.

5elf 2. e.l.f. eyelash curler—Only $1.00 at Jack’s 99¢ Store! It’s a long story, but about three years ago I got scammed into buying one of those $20 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. When the pad wore out I went to the store to buy a replacement, and guess what? They don’t sell replacements—you gotta buy another goddamned $20 curler! Not me, pal. When I spotted the e.l.f. at Jack’s I bought one, took it home, and tried it. Not only does it come with a replacement pad, but it works way better than the stupid overpriced one. I went back and bought two more, so I figure all my eyelash-curling needs are covered for at least the next six years—for just three dollars. Every time I use the e.l.f., I think, “Nyaah, nyaah, Shu Uemura!

10tastethis 3. “Taste This!”—This is my favorite TV cooking show ever. I’ve seen it only a few times, and it seems to have disappeared from the channels we get on our craptacular Basic Cable set-up, but it was so much fun to watch the main chef, Joe, bust on his hapless assistant, Bryan. They reminded me of Spike and Chester, the big dog and the little dog in the old Warner Bros. cartoons, except that Joe, the boss, would be Chester the little dog, and Bryan, the slower and sometimes hung-over one, would be Spike the big dog. They’re such New York guys (even the name of the show is neighborhoody) that it’s really entertaining to watch them, although I never paid any attention to what they were actually cooking and probably wouldn’t want to make the dishes they demonstrated. The program is still showing nationally on various cable systems, and you might be able to find it in your area by checking www.tastethistv.com. It’s worth looking for.

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December 31, 2006

Scott Williams' Top 10 Favorite Songs

Ahh, make it 20...

  1. King Kong Ding DongHeya”  My eyes-I’ve been told they are pretty more than once.
  2. Yura Yura Teikoku  "Soft DeathI am gifted in math.
  3. Susan ChristieFor the Love of a Soldier”  I can speak some French.
  4. Kouyaté Sory Kandia "SouaressiMy laugh-a friend said it sounds like a pixie’s laugh.
  5. Flaming Fire "It Was a Dark NightMy compassion and love for animals.
  6. The Places "Sickle ClownsI can cook certain French foods.
  7. Las Comadrejas "Da KinxThe color of my hair-It is dirty blonde.
  8. El Perro Del Mar "CandyMy determination-I am determined to succeed.
  9. Skorpio "The King With Shred-LegsThat I am capable of feeling joy and happiness.
  10. Edgar Broughton Band "John WayneMy Brain.
  11. Comets on FireSour Smoke”  My perserverance-I keep trying over and over if I don’t succeed at something first.
  12. Andore Kandore, aka Inoue Yosui "Kandore MandoreI make a good cup of tea.
  13. USAisamonster "The Greatest MysteryMy teeth-not crooked; never needed braces.
  14. Made Out of Babies "SilverbackI am creative.
  15. Les Reines Prochaines "Opfer Dieses Liedes" (aka "Wicked Game")  My ability to complete goals I have set for myself.
  16. Entrance "Grim Reaper Blues"
  17. MuppetsI’m in Love With a Big Blue Frog”  My sense of humor.
  18. Selda "Ince InceThe ability to change and grow.
  19. Queen Adreena "Medicine JarI can cook breakfast foods.
  20. Kacy Ross "That Dirty ClownI can cook TV dinners.

Stuff in orange is much older than 2006, I just noticed it then.  Links allow you to listen to the song  somewhere in the WFMU Realaudio archives.  Check out everyone else's Top Ten lists here.

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Bob Brainen's Favorites of 2006

New Releases (in no order)

Pernice_4 Pernice Brothers - Live a Little  (Ashmont)

Louisvillesluggers_1 Terry Adams and Steve Ferguson - Louisville Sluggers  (Clang *)

Sexmob Sex Mob - Sexotica  (Thirsty Ear)
Bbml Brightblack Morning Light - Brightblack Morning Light  (Matador)

Son Juana Molina - Son  (Domino)

Ddouglas2006 Dave Douglas - Meaning and Mystery   (Green Leaf)

Islands Islands - Return to the Sea   (Equator)

Fishing Jim Dickinson - Fishing with Charlie and other Selected Readings   (Birdman)

Birdsongs David Greenberger and Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - 1001 Real Apes   (Pelpel)

Robot_2 I am Robot and Proud - The Electricity in your house wants to Sing   (Darla)

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The Teenage Wasteland's Top 10 Albums of 2006

As selected by the King of Sunday Afternoon, Bill Kelly.Toilet_3

(all artist links go to a track off each album, from the WFMU RealAudio archives)

1. BABY WOODROSE "Love Comes Down" (Playground). 

2. THE SHIVVERS  "Lost Hits From Milwaukee's First Family Of Powerpop 1978-82" (Teenline)   

3. THE HELLACOPTERS "Rock And Roll Is Dead" (Liquor And Poker)

4. THE MAGGOTS  "Monkey Time" (Screaming Apple)

5. MUCK & THE MIRES "1-2-3-4" (Dionysus) 

6. THE ALARM CLOCKS "The Time Has Come" (Norton)

7. THE FONDAS "Runaway  Bombshell" (Sympathy)


9. THE CHARMS "Strange Magic"  (Wicked Cool)

10. THE EARACHES "Time On Fire" (Steel Cage)

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Jack Mello's Favs of 2006

Jack Mello's Favs of 2006 (some released prior to this year):

*Fav albums:*

Mordant Music - Dead Air

Musikk_mcraft_1 M. Craft - Silver & Fire

Kode9 + the Spaceape - Memories of the Future

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - s/t

Scritti Politti - White Bread Black Beer

MyMy - Songs for the Gentle

Burial - s/t

Various - Dubstep All-Stars, Vol. 2

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December 30, 2006

Rob Weisberg's Favorites from 2006

Fifteen excellent new releases from current artists:

Aft Ali Farka Toure : Savane / Nonesuch. 

Bole Bole 2 Harlem : Volume 1 / Sounds of the Mushroom.

Egs Extra Golden : Ok-Oyot System / Thrill Jockey.

Jv Julieta Venegas : Limon y Sal / Sony.

Kal KAL : KAL / Asphalt Tango.   

Krak Krakauer and Socalled: Bubbemeises / Label Bleu.   

Cumb La Cumbiamba Eneye : Marioneta / Chonta.   

Sand Mariana Sadovska : Borderland / EVOE.   

Maumed Maurice el Medioni with Roberto Rodriguez : Descarga Oriental / Piranha.

Patria Patriarcas de la Rumba : Cosa Nostra / K Industria.   

Rachidtaha Rachid Taha : Diwan 2 / Wrasse.

Nyolo Sally Nyolo and the Original Bands of Yaounde / Riverboat.   

Sourceabdoulaye Source : Tonight's African Jazz Band / Completely Nuts.   

Thinkofone_trafico Think of One :  Trafico / Crammed.   

Zemog_cama_cover1 Zemog el Gallo Bueno : Cama de la Conga / Aagoo.   

Top NYC Live World Music Happenings, when everyone who was anyone was there:

Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar at Makor

Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Orchestra at Lincoln Center Avery Fisher Hall

Monumental reissue eventFania label cds.

Personal celebrity interview of the year:   Goran Bregovic (wfmu.org/playlists/shows/19260)

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The Fool's Paradise Favorites for 2006

AKA Rex's Top Ten.

Sex_1 1) Josh Alan Friedman - When Sex was Dirty (Feral House)

A welcome companion volume to Friedman's essential Tales From Times Square.  More about the Duece and his days at Screw. Includes some valuable advice from a hooker to young customer: "Smile more. Square girls like guys who smile."  Dig.

Bbq_1 2) Cozy Corner BBQ - Memphis, TN

Of the many BBQ meals enjoyed in the land of Dewey Phillips, this may have been the best. The Smoked Cornish Hen and all-you-can-drink sweet tea was inspiring on several levels.  Check out the BBQ Oral History Project.

Glamour 3)  The Wonderful World of Bill Ward, King of the Glamour Girls (Tashen Books)

Definitive anthology of Ward's Women: Towering, full-busomed amazons who despise the slimy, whimpering men who worship them. Has a permanent home on the Fur-lined Fallout Shelter coffee table.  More here.

Pies 4)  Pies & Thighs - Williamsburg, NY

Worthy Southern cuisine actually does exist above the Mason/Dixon. Be sure to indulge in the savory sides and solid baked goods while feasting on the pulled pork.  http://www.piesandthighs.com/

Crlogo_red_2 5)  Cool & The Crazy Record Store

As the record industry crumbles along comes this cozy independent store that boasts the biggest Blow Fly selection in the Western Hemisphere. There is hope for us all.  http://www.cryptrecords.com/

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Jeffrey Davison's Best of 2006

Jeffrey Davison hosts WFMU's Shrunken Planet program every Saturday morning from 6-9 AM. His
playlists and archives are here. More WFMU DJ Top tens are here. All artists links are to streaming Real Audio.

Joanna Newsom   Ys   Drag City Joanna_newsom
Meg Baird, Helena Espvall and Sharron Kraus  Leaves From Off the Tree  Bo' Weavil
Larkin Grimm   The Last Tree   Secret Eye
Bonnie "Prince" Billy   The Letting Go   Drag City
Nina Nastasia   On Leaving   Fat Cat
Meic_stevensColleen  Colleen et les Boites a Musique  Leaf
Jeffrey Luck Lucas   What We Whisper  Antebellum
P.G. Six  The Sherman Box Series  Amish
Raro & Apenino  s/t  Digitalis
Fern Knight   Music for Witches and Alchemists  VHF
Harris Newman   Dark Was the Night  Kning DiskBonnie_prince_billy
Feathers  s/t   Feathers Family
Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings the Flood  Anti

Some older recordings issued or reissued:
Harry Taussig    Fate Is Only Once  Tompkins Square
Sibylle Baier   Colour Green   Orange Twin
Paul Adolphus  The Dawn Wind   Shadoks
Mark Fosson  The Lost Takoma Sessions  Drag City
Meic Stevens  Rain in the Leaves   Sunbeam (or anything on this label!)

Resident Clinton's Top 10 movies of 2006 that weren't made anywhere near 2006

Overtheedge_1 I've been a film programmer for six years now, and even went to film school (and stuff) before that, but every year I am wowed more and more not by those new films that everyone talks about, but by old classics that I somehow missed. I tend to come late in the game because I prefer to see the "big" classics in the theatre (home video just doesn't so it for me sometimes), or something obvious just misses my radar. Oh, what I wouldn't give to trade in some of the crap I've seen in the past for more enjoyable educational film experiences. Anyway, here are my favorite "new" films from the past year.

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Liz Berg's Top 10 Tough Chicks of 2006

Here are some of my favorite female troublemakers of 2006:

Preacher_girl_2 10. This wee Brazilian preacher (pictured, right) gave me nightmares. Watch the video and be amazed.

9. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), for blowing the whistle on some shady cover-up shenanigans at the FCC. She uncovered two media ownership studies that someone on the commission had attempted to wipe from the records.

8. Connie Chung, for her grace and style. Love the grunt!

7. Afrirampo and OOIOO, who each released amazing and fun chant-along records this year. Bonus points go to Afrirampo, who lived and recorded with a tribe of Pygmies in Cameroon!

Baka_1 Ooioothumb Click here for a sample tune from Afrirampo's Baka Ga Kita (Moonlight) 

Click here for a sample song from OOIOO's Taiga (Thrill Jockey)

6. The Bronx woman whose hair stopped a bullet.

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Jeffrey Cobb's Top 10 for 2006

Jeffrey Cobb's Top 10 Record Stores for 2006

Sotu_3 1.  Sounds of the Universe, London   
2.  Zulu Records, Vancouver, B.C.   
3.  Jammyland, NYC   
4.  Amoeba Records, Berkeley   
5.  Beatnick Records, Montreal   
6.  Other Music, NYC   
7.  Princeton Record Exchange, Princeton   
8.  Village Music, Mill Valley   
9.  Black Swan, Vancouver, B.C.   
10. Down Home Music, El Cerrito   

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December 29, 2006

Noah's Top 11 of 2006

Here are some of Noah's favorite records from the past year (click artist or compilation name for a sample tune in realaudio).

Masta_killa_okladka 1. Masta Killa - Made In Brooklyn (Nature Sounds)
2. El Da Sensei - The Unusual (Fat Beats Records)
3. The Good People - The Good People (Goon Tracks)
4. Ugly Duckling - Bang For The Buck (Fat Beats Records)
5. Mekalek - Live And Learn (Glow-In-The-Dark Records)
6. DJ Ese - Side Two (Embedded Music)
7. Shakeyface - Bicycle Day Boogaloo (It's Bananas)
8. Brian Coleman
9. V/A - Big Apple Rappin: The Early Days Of Hip-Hop Culture in NYC 1979 - 1982 (Soul Jazz)
10. Aceyalone & RJD2 - Magnificent City (Decon)
11. V/A - The Celluloid Years (Groove Attack)

For more Top 10 lists from other WFMU DJs, click here.

Mike Lupica's Randomly Ranked Favorites of 2006

OK. Let's cut to the chase.Risto

My Favorite Song of the Year: "Nina, Olen Palasina" by Risto.
Maybe it's the chorus that sounds like a bunch of kids all shouting in unison, or maybe it's the upwardly cascading structure of the song itself, but something about this burrowed meaningfully into my cranial cavity and has made no overtures that would indicate a looming departure. I first bumped into it last April on a Fonal Records compilation called Summer and Smiles of Finland, and in a spiritual sense, it's a worthy answer song to Madeleine Chartrand's "Ani-Kuni", which it seems I overplayed last year. (Like I said, I apparently have a thing for songs with people all shouting in unison.) Now if only they'd worked a pick-slide into the mix, I'd be jumping on top of my desk and doing karate kicks at Liz Berg or Maria Levitsky (also big fans of this number) every time I heard it. [Download MP3] | [Stream Real Audio] | Risto on Fonal Records

The_ex Best Night Out Below 14th Street: The Ex at the Knitting Factory
For years, I've declared the Dutch art/punk/activist group the Ex to be the only band I would drop anything to go see live. I'm proud to say that I've made regular practice of catching them at the Knitting Factory on every single tour since 1995 and they are always paint-peelingly good, no matter what the incarnation. (To avid enthusiasts, they can appear to be something of a collective, with certain members dropping out of the live lineup, but then re-appearing on subsequent tours. They've also done extensive collaborations with the late avant-cellist Tom Cora, and have a new record out that pairs them with Ethiopian saxophone legend Getatchew Mekuria.) The Ex's December 13th show in NYC was 150% bring-the-house-down amazing, with the band wheeling out one goosebumps-on-top-of-goosebumps stomper after another. A live Ex performance permanently endorses everything good about being alive, and for that, I can't think of another band more deserving of their many accolades. Brace yourselves now for their upcoming live session on Brian Turner's program on January 9th, and check their website for pics, videos, and a full arsenal of free MP3s. Streaming Real Audio Links: Frenzy | Huriyet/Prism Song | Stone Stamper's Song

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Bill Zurat's Top 10

no order

Croatoanforwebsite_1 Colossal Yes                    Acapulco "The Honeycreeper Smiles" (Real Audio)
Carla Bozulich                  Evangelista "Evangelista I" (Real Audio)
Croatoan                          FTW "Dan's Hollywood Loaf" (Real Audio)
xNo BBQx                       Sunshine of Your Love EP "untitled" (Real Audio)
+Dog+                             Human Garbage "untitled" (Realaudio)
Bacon_1Menstruation Sisters         Ma "untitled" (Real Audio)
Scott Walker                    The Drift "Jesse" (Real Audio)
Goils Goils and Fripped     s/t "untitled" (Real Audio)
Thomas Brinkmann           Klick Revolution "Geschlossene Kiste"
Manierisme                      s/t "Cursed Palace" (Real Audio)

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December 28, 2006

Top Ten Orwellian Moments of 2006

Orwell_micflag450 For all the talk about the threat of "Little Brother" this year (youtubers and bloggers ready to distribute celebrity and citizen malfeasance within minutes), Big Brother still got some life in him yet. Here are some of his finest moments from the last year:

1) Fox News airs an infomercial for torture. On the November 3rd Greta Van Susteren show, reporter Steve Harrigan submitted himself to waterboarding, declaring:

As far as torture goes, at least in this controlled experiment, to me, this seemed like a pretty efficient mechanism to get someone to talk and then still have them alive and healthy within minutes.

Download 10 meg video, mpeg format or youtube it.

2) Federal semantics eliminates the hunger problem. In November, The United States Department of Agriculture replaces the word "hunger" with the phrase "low food security" in its annual report on hunger in America. Problem solved! Link.

3) Defending the First Amendment by proposing that we scrap it. At a New Hampshire event dedicated to freedom of speech, Newt Gingrich declares that the United States will have to re-examine that particular constitutional right as it fights terrorism. Link. Said Newt: "This is a serious, long-term war. It will inevitably lead us to want to know what is said in every suspect place in the country.  It will lead us to learn how to close down every Web site that is dangerous."

4) Halliburton contracts to build large detention camps in the US. In January, KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton was awarded a 385 million dollar contract from the Department of Homeland Security to build "Detention and Removal" facilities to help "in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs that require additional detention space." Links:  1   2   3   4

5) The Inexorable Worldwide Rollout of RFID Chips. Although it's not moving as quickly as the RFID industry would like, 2006 saw the addition of electronic ID chips to US passports, Nikes and iPods, Florida pythons, Japanese schoolchildren, German hospital patients and boozing Brits.

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Frank O'Toole's 2006 Top Things (more than a few)

Not necessarily in order of preference... music encompassing #'s 8, 9, and 10.

1. The recent national elections (reason for optimism, which has been missing since 2000).Rg_1

2. Doing a weekly webcast.

3. This season's "The Wire". Can't explain it, but was both moved and haunted.

4. In a similar vein, "The Departed". Jack & Marty, in top form.Sc

5. The Office. Both versions

6. Martin Short on Broadway. Scoring half-price tickets.

7. Finally mastering the technique of indexing and burning vinyl & cassettes to CD-R. It took 2 sessions to get it, thanks to Lupica & Liz Berg.

8, 9, & 10. New music releases:

Serena Maneesh (S/T)

Ros Bobos (Uncharted Universal Euphoria)St

J. Dilla (The Shining)

Adem (Love and Other Planets)

San Francisco Mashups (Vol. 2)

Karen Dalton (In My Own Time-reissue)

Four Tet (Four Tet Remixes)Nv

R.Stevie Moore & Lane Steinberg (Save R.St.)

Nouvelle Vague ( Bande A Parte)

Mary Larose (The Blue Guitar)

Oakley Hall (Gypsum Strings)

Subtle (For Hero: For Fool)Doomus_1

M.F. Doom (Nastradoomus, Vol. 2)

Mr. Lif (Mo' Mega)

The Last Town Chorus (Wire Waltz)

Last, but certainly not least, Andy Partridge (Fuzzy Warbles - box set). 

and much, much more...

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Station Manager Ken's Ten from 2006

Here are ten new records that floated my boat in '06.. All artist names go to the band's website and listen links are streaming Real Audio from the WFMU Archives.


.aiff Skull EP (Vivo)

Listen to "Wholepole - The Discotheque of Erotic Misery remix"


Felix Kubin & Coolhaven
Suppe Fur Die Nacht (Korm)

Listen to "There Is A Garden"


Humppasirkus (Humppa)

Listen to "Humppaneitsit"


Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex
Moa Anbessa (Terp)

Listen to "Ethiopia Hagere"


Native Hipsters
Songs To Protest About (Double Snazzy)

Listen to "Flowers R Machines As Well"


People Like Us
All Together Now (Self)

Listen to "Blue Bayou"


Kid Koala
Your Mom's Favorite DJ (Ninja Tune)

Listen to "Slew Test 3B / 3C / Paper Route Days"


Yoshida Brothers
III (Domo)

Listen to "Passion"


Music Fur Allum
Twice (Trum Trum)

Listen to "Manolito - Bungen Va Malmo"


Dirt Bacharach (download it)

Listen to "I Don't Give Paper Mache"

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Tony Rettman's Top Twenty

1. Elemental - 'Deep Under'/'Sparkle' 12" (Hot Flush)

Loefah_12. Loefah - 'Goat Stare'/'Root' 12" (DMZ)
    Listen to: "Root" (Real Audio)

3. Fucked Up - 'Hidden World' CD (Jade Tree)

4. Shackleton/Gatekeeper - 'Skull Disco #4' Split 12" (Skull Disco)

5. Violent Students - 'Bitchy Woman' cassette (Maim & Disfigure)

6. Magik Markers - 'For Sada Jane' LP (Textile)

7. J Dilla - 'Donuts' CD (Stones Throw)

8. Distance - 'Traffic'/'Cyclops' 12" (Planet Mu)

9. Home Blitz - 'Live Outside' 7" (no label)
Listen to: "Feeling Cold" (Real Audio)

10. Armas Huttamo - 'Autinko On Kaunis Asia' 7" (LalLalLal)

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December 27, 2006

Scott M's Top 14

Ornette_coleman_cov_select Ornette Coleman - Sound Grammar (Sound Grammar) - Two basses and son Denardo on drums; my favorite small group Ornette since At the Golden Circle.

Nurukaneatessakane1_2_2Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Orchestra - Plays Eric Dolphy's   'Out to Lunch' (Doubt Music) - Twisted, intelligent and humorous. I'm pretty sure Eric Dolphy would love it.
Listen to "Gazzelloni" from John Allen's show. (Real Audio)

Jazzfinger - Autumn Engines (Rebis) - Dynamic, lo-fi, some of the best noise happening.

Nuru Kane - Sigil (World Music Network) Senegalese desert blues + Moroccan Sufi trance, ancient to the future.
Listen to "Diarama" from Give the Drummer Some. (Real Audio)

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Fabio's Best Of, 2006

Volver1_2 (Listen links take you directly to the WFMU realaudio archives.  Many other DJs' best faves can be found here.)

Volver - Director: Pedro Almodovar
L'enfant - Director(s): the Dardennes Brothers
The 3 Burials of Melquiades Estrada - Director: Tommy Lee Jones
The Proposition - Director:  John Hillcoat, written by Nick Cave (listen to songs from the soundtrack here and here)
El Aura - Director: Fabin Bielinsky
Sympathy for Lady Vengence -  Director: Park Chan Wook
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan - Director: Larry Charles (written by Sacha Baron Cohen) (listen to songs from the soundtrack here and here)
Babel  - Director:  Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu
Science of Sleep - Director:  Michel Gondry (listen to songs from the soundtrack here | here and here)
The Departed - Director:  Martin Scorsese
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints  - Director:  Dito Montiel
The Last King of Scotland - Director:  Kevin Macdonald
Inland Empire - Director:  David Lynch

Fabio Faves galore, just jump over the cow...Lynch_cow_1

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Mark Allen's Renewable, Cross-Referenced, Self-Mutating Top Ten List of the Most Popular Top Ten Lists of the Top Ten Best Top Tens of 2006 and Beyond Swirling Forever Into an Infinite Black Hole

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
1 T O P T E N L I S T S I L N E T P O T 1
2 O P T E N L I S T T T S I L N E T P O 2
3 P T E N L I S T T O T T S I L N E T P 3
4 T E N L I S T T O P O T T S I L N E T 4
5 E N L I S T T O P T P O T T S I L N E 5
6 N L I S T T O P T E T P O T T S I L N 6
7 L I S T T O P T E N E T P O T T S I L 7
8 I S T T O P T E N L N E T P O T T S I 8
9 S T T O P T E N L I L N E T P O T T S 9
0 T T O P T E N L I S I L N E T P O T T 0
9 S T T O P T E N L I L N E T P O T T S 9
8 I S T T O P T E N L N E T P O T T S I 8
7 L I S T T O P T E N E T P O T T S I L 7
6 N L I S T T O P T E T P O T T S I L N 6
5 E N L I S T T O P T P O T T S I L N E 5
4 T E N L I S T T O P O T T S I L N E T 4
3 P T E N L I S T T O T T S I L N E T P 3
2 O P T E N L I S T T T S I L N E T P O 2
1 T O P T E N L I S T S I L N E T P O T 1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

December 26, 2006

Trent Wolbe's Best Records From 2006 plus Others

TheknifeThe Knife (Mute)  When was the last time you had a favorite band?  Not just a couple of favorite bands, but one band that blew everything else out of the water no matter how many times you played it? The Knife reminded me what this is like.  There were a lot of other good things that came out this year but "Silent Shout" was on a different level than all of them.

Shogun Kunitoki - Tasankokaiku (Fonal)  Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it!  Intense synth buildups rewarded by huge psych explosions make these Finns a real "top tinn" for 2006.

Carla Bozulich - Evangelista (Constellation) Normally I shy away from people who are this emotive, but she reeled me in right from the start.  Deep deep deep shit and she's funny too.  Performance at Joe's Pub didn't disappoint.
LISTEN to Carla Bozulich live at WFMU on Brian Turner's show here. (Real Audio)

Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury (Jive) Holy fuckin' shit.  I dare you to not like this more than anything Timbaland has ever done.  I'm pretty sure Clive Davis had nothing to do with this one.

Mylo - Destroyrocknroll (Breastfed / RCA) - I could listen to "Drop the Pressure" and "In My Arms" (which features a nice sample from "Bette Davis Eyes") over and over again for days on end.  I think I did once.
LISTEN to "In My Arms" (Real audio)

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Dave the Spazz's Top Ten Live Shows from 2006 (in no particular order):

Jerrylee1_1 Beach Boys at the Hampton Beach Casino
Brian Wilson & Al Jardine at the Beacon Theater
Jerry Lee Lewis PBS taping
Mighty Hannibal & Archie Bell at McCarren Pool
Ponderosa Stomp in Memphis
Reigning Sound at Union Pool
Black Lips at Southpaw
Sea Monkeys at Union Pool
A-Bones & Little Killers at Magnetic Field
Alarm Clocks at Southpaw

Check out more WFMU Top Ten of 2006 lists right here.

December 25, 2006

Ergo Phizmiz's Top Ten

Hello ...

Here's my list .......

Vernon_lenoir Vernon Lenoir "Balkan Spezialitaeten" www.vernonlenoir.com

Listen With Sarah "My Little Hula Girl (WWW Mix)" www.listenwithsarah.org

Match My Foot Records "The Pipes Project" www.matchmyfootrecords.com

The Bees (A Band of Bees) "Octopus" www.thebees.info

Martha Moopette "Hedgehogs & Honeybeads" www.moopetals.com

Kumisolo "Work in Progress" www.myspace.com/kumisoloproject

I Love Audrey www.myspace.com/audreyslittlecottage

My_friend_jared My Friend Jared www.myspace.com/friendmyjared

Brilliant radio happening all over the place - Marcelle van Hoof, Peter Nelson, Shirley & Spinoza, Bekteshi's Grilltube, Brierley Hills 90210, Radia, Ratio FM, and of course WFMU ......

Felix Kubin live in Cherbourg

Discovering the music of Spike Jones, Paul Lowry & Raymond Scott

Found Tapes & Outsider music blogs

V/A "Billboard Head Soup" www.nunulaxnulan.biz


Other WFMU Top Ten of 2006 lists are here.

Inflatable Squirrel Carcass Top 10+

1. Life with Tamar
Once again this year like all the others which have preceded it no sudden wealth attached itself to my existence but that's fine because the riches this fine lady endows me with on a daily basis make me realize how lucky I am. And I am very happy that we are now homeowners in a part of NYC that's not likely to become hip anytime too soon as there really isn't anyplace for the "developers" to destroy.

Image015 2. As I See Boris Artzybasheff http://www.kenspublishing.com/
A reprint of some of the most amazing, screwy illustration ever. Anthropomorphic machinery, Basil Wolverton-like bodies, and the rubber cartoon surrealism of early animation taken to an extreme combine to make your eyes pop like a Tex Avery character while your brain swears off reality for a few hours and tries to remain sober.

3. EM Records
Over the last couple of years there have been a few labels that come out of nowhere and reissue a batch of great, hard-to-find music. In 2004 it was MIO, 2005 had Ad Hoc and this year we get EM. A brief list of this year's reissues, Moolah Woe Ye Demons Possessed, Roland P. Young Isophonic Boogie Woogie, The Pyramids Birth/Speed/Merging, Jim Fasset Symphony of the Birds (not to mention the Barton Smith, David Rosenboom, musical saw records, etc.), justifies and honors their existence.

Uske_front 4. uské orchestra niko et la berlue (Sonig)
This is actually a 2005 release that I found out about after last year's Top 10. There is so much going on in this record that I find enjoyable that it's difficult to describe. If Ross Bagdasarian had turned on, tuned in and dropped out, and alter ego David Seville had taken his band of singing rodents to San Francisco instead of around the world, and eventually, after many misadventures that led to their break up, they decided to get together again and record but determined that they didn't want to live off their already established persona and donned tuxes, top hats and head-covering eyeball masks...no, that's not it, more like if the Teletubbies and Ya Ho Wha merged and purchased a bunch of laptops or maybe it's a giant plunderphonic mashup or maybe its a giant mess...but, it's a glorious mess that puts a smile on my face whenever I play it.

5. Carla Bozulich Evangelista (Constellation)
The sound of bubbling anger beneath a sweet voice grounded by smoke and booze sitting on a porch staring out at a yesterday that hides several shades of darkness but in the distance the first light of tomorrow peeks over the horizon. This would be a great soundtrack for a David Lynch western.

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December 24, 2006

Todd-O-Phonic Todd's Top 10 for 2006

(all listen links are streaming realaudio from the WFMU archives)

Ronnies_2 1. Joe and Cynthia's wedding
2. "Mr. Tough" 7"- Yo La Tengo Listen here
3. Thee Midniters- In Thee Midnite Hour!!!!! (Norton) Listen here
4. The Abbott and Costello Show - 100th Anniversary Collection, Season One (Passport Video)
5. first visit to Vesuvio Restaurant- Belmar, N.J.
6. Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3- Ole! Tarantula, Listen here | here and here
Ylt_fmu7. The Bee Gees- The Studio Albums 1967-1968, Listen here
8. Ronnie Spector Xmas Show
9. No Subway Series
10. The Mighty Hannibal, Archie Bell and The Dansettes at McCarren Pool


Check here for lots of DJ's Top lists.


December 23, 2006

Diane Kamikaze's Top 13+

Here are Diane Kamikaze's picks from 2006 (all listen links are in real audio):

Mastodon: BLOOD MOUNTAIN - Reprise [listen here]
Tone: SOLIDARITY - Neurot [listen here]
Lair of the Minotaur: THE ULTIMATE DESTROYER - Southern Lord [listen here]
Ayat: AL NABI MOUIREM MOUGHTHSEB DAIIALI - Sardonic Wrath [listen here]
Goatwhore (pictured, right): A HAUNTING CURSE - Metal Blade [listen here]
Jay Reatard: BLOOD VISION - In The Red [listen here]
Kampfar: KVASS - Napalm [listen here]
Hyperion: THROUGH CULTURES - Deathgasm [listen here]
Taiwan Deth: TAIWAN DETH - Vanishing [listen here]
Priestess: HELLO MASTER - RCA [listen here]
Watchmaker: ERASED FROM THE MEMORY OF MAN - Willowtip [listen here]
Melvins: SENILE ANIMAL - Ipecac [listen here]

Amon Amarth, God Dethroned, Zombi, Celtic Frost, Venom, Mudhoney, Anaal Nathrakh, Jesu, Voivod, Black Cobra, Sparks, Polysics, Sword, Akimbo, Burst.

Mastodon, Melvins, Testament, Priestess, The Sword, Radio Birdman.

BANDS I WAS HUMBLED TO ENGINEER FOR                                         
Defectors [listen to the live set], Roger O'Donnell [listen to the live set], Avengers [listen to the live set], Lethal Aggression [listen to the live set], Rocket From the Tombs, Electric Six, Plimsouls [listen to the live set], Mudhoney [listen to the live set].

Check out more WFMU Top Ten of 2006 lists right here.

Webhamster Henry's Top 10 Imaginary Recordings of 2006

Baby_headphone 1) For Children Only: Sting Labs (Anopheles, 2006)
The giddy realization that adults can't really hear sound above 15KHz or so makes this all digital treat literally unlistenable. Some of these have turned up as ringtones. Most of the time, if you see a bunch of kids gyrating in the street in rhythm, you can blame these guys

Moms_hairdryer_1 2) Hair Duet, Danny G. (reality reissues, 1969/2006)
Left channel: Mom at the hairdresser's. Right channel: Dad at the barber shop. It's 1969. A kind of sociological counterpoint.

3) The Angler, Volume 1. DVD (Anglervision 2006)
Here is a kind of Exercices de style in audio: 99 different soundtracks to a simple 1 minute video shot.
You'd be surprised.

4) Meditative Food Preparation (GoodLife 2001)
This is an instructional CD for use in the popular GoodLife organic restaurant chain to train the bad habits out of the kitchen staff that they may have picked up from other establishments. I think a few Icespinnermoments of breathing improves your chopping technique!

5) Pro Skating, Anti Skating (Rinkydink 2006)
Stuart Kreskin rigged his sister Karla's figure skates with a contraption that trails some old turntable cartridges behind each skate in a stiff frame. A she practices her routine, the signals from the cartridges are transmitted to 6 separate recorders and mixed down, left skate on the left, right skate on the right and her skating music (left and right, out of phase) mixed center. The sound gets progressively choppier as the smooth surface is scored by her act.

Vlha_2 6) VLHA test: 1962 (Clandestiny 2006)
The Very Large Hearing Apparatus was a kind of Arecibo telescope for sound: similarly built into a mountainside for stability, a series of cones , the largest 50 meters in diameter, carefully calibrated and phased to pick up ultra low frequency sound, emanating from sources hundreds of miles away, and from deep within the ground. Because sound doesn't travel in a straight line, you could detect , say, a missile before it came over the horizon. But because it was situated in Alaska, it picked up lots of really low and long whale conversations. The device was totaled in the 1964 Good Friday earthquake. Sped up to human audio frequencies.

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December 22, 2006

Bob Rixon's Ten from 2006

Don_james_surfing_photograph Bruce_brubaker_6 David_s_ware_4


1. Malcolm Arnold: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 6;  National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland,  Cond. by Andrew Penny (Naxos).
2. Bruce Brubaker: Inner Cities - Music for Piano By John Adams & Alvin Curran (Arabesque).
3. Uun Budiman & the Jugala Gamelan Orchestra: Banondari (Felmay). [Streaming Real Audio]
4. Bobby Hackett: Hawaii Swings (Capitol LP).
5. Ben Johnston: Ben Johnston String Quartets, performed by Kepler Quartet (New World).
6. Philip Rehfeldt: Performs Music for Clarinet & Tape (Grenadilla LP. 1978).
7. David S. Ware Quartet: Balladware (Thirsty Ear). [Streaming Real Audio]
8. Arthur Cohn: Twentieth-Century Music in Western Europe, Compositions and Recordings (J.B. Lippincott, 1965)
9. Pine Barrens, Ecosystem and Landscape; edited by Richard T.T. Forman (Rutgers University Press).
10. Surfing San Onofre to Point Duma, 1936-1942, Photographs by Don James (Chronicle Books).

Here are Rix's WFMU Playlists and Archives. |  Here are additional WFMU 2006 Best of Lists.

Evan "Funk" Davies's Best of 2006

Based on painstaking analysis of my 2006 playlists, along with some good old-fashioned gut-based truthiness, I present my favorites from this year broken down into four handy categories: New full-length releases, new singles/EPs (7", 12", CD, MP3, etc.), various artists compilations and reissues/collections.

(All listen links are streaming Real Audio from the WFMU Archives. Check out all the Best of 2006 lists!)

Evan "Funk" Davies's Top 10 Plus 6 of 2006


1. The Leather Uppers
Bright Lights (Goner)

Listen to "Bigger Than A Breadbox"


2. Hank IV
Third Person Shooter (Hook or Crook)

Listen to "Got Got"


3. Curse Ov Dialect
Wooden Tongues (Mush)

Listen to "Sticks and Stones"


4. Witch
Witch (TeePee)

Listen to "Witch"


5. Pharaoh Overlord
4 (Ektro)

Listen to "Dark Side"


6. Marked Men
Fix My Brain (Swami)

Listen to "Fix My Brain"


7. Major Stars
Synoptikon (Important)

Listen to "Collapsing"


The Cuts
From Here On Out (Birdman)

Listen to "I'm Not Down"


9. McFadden's Parachute Hammerdown (self-released)

Listen to "Sugar 1970"


10. T. Raumschmiere
Random Noize Sessions (Shitkatapult)

Listen to "Die Alte Leier"

(the +6 are after the jump, along with singles/EPs, collections and re-issues)

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December 21, 2006

Jason Elbogen's Top 15

Jason Elbogen's top 15 of 2007 (new/new reissues/bootlegs)

   1)Stephen David Heitkotter - s/t (EGO Private Press) Listen here
   2)Foot Village - Fuck The Future (Deathbomb Arc)
   3)Zadik Zecharia - Kurdish Melodies on Zoma (Bo~R Weavil Recordings) Listen here | here and here

Delphine 4)Delphine Dora - blablabla (Abaton book Company) Listen here and here
5)Susan Christie - Paint a Lady (Finders Keepers) Listen here | here and here
6)VA - Jazz & Blues on Edison Records - Volume One (Document)   
7)Rappers Delight Club - MP3 Demo, Listen here | here and here

Ma_1 8)Menstruation Sisters - Ma (Fata) Listen here | here and here
9)Messthetics #101: 'D.I.Y.' and Indie Postpunk from London & the Home Counties:1977-81, Listen here | here and here
10)Srei Sothear/Sin Sisamouth - Cambodian Psych-Out (El Suprimo/Defective) Listen here | here and here
11)The Pyramids - Birth/Speed/Merging (Em records) Listen here | here and here

Caution_curves 12)Buffle - Constrictor cassette (Lal Lal Lal)
13)Mohammed 'Jimmy' Mohammed - Takkabel! (Terp) Listen here
14)The Caution Curves - s/t EP Listen here
15)VA - Eat My Angel Dust! Biker Soundtrack Essentials 1966-1971, Listen here | here and here

All listen links are to WFMU's Realaudio archives.  Check out lots of other 2006 Top Lists right here.

Woody's Top Ten for 2006

Woody holds down the fort Sunday nights from Midnight to 3am on WFMU. His playlists and archives are here. Here's his favorites for 2006:

1. Lake of Dracula - Skeletal Remains (Savage Land)
- Previously unreleased radio performances of mid-90s Chicago now-wave supergroup with Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers), Heather M. (Scissor Girls), and Magas (now an Ersatz Audio electro guy). Hear "Biographers of the Flaming Drug Lords" from Bill Zurat's show.
2. Amadou Kienou & Son Ensemble Foteban - Taabali (Dunya)
3. Ovo - Miastenia (Load)
- Check out an mp3 of "Mammut" from Miastenia.
4. Mazen Kerbaj - "Starry Night" - Check out this blog post on Kerbaj from last July or listen to the mp3.
5. David S. Ware Quartet - Balladware (Thirsty Ear)
6. PG Six - Music From The Sherman Box Series And Other Works (Amish)
7. Horatiu Radulescu - Intimate Rituals (Sub Rosa)

1. v/a - Sitar Beat! - Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. 1 (Guerrilla Reissues)
2. Pythagoron - Pythagoron (Creel Pone)
- Not sure exactly what psycho-acoustic hijinks are in this 1977 synth-drone reissue that make my brain melt, but it will center the fuck out of your chi.
3. v/a - Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal (Numero Group)
- Good God indeed! Gospel music at its funkiest! Hear Mighty Walker Brothers' "God Been Good to Me" from Liz Berg's show.
4. Harry Taussig - Fate is Only Once (Tompkins Square)
- Of the 400 John Fahey-ish issues and re-issues this year, this one takes first prize.
5. Ich Bin - Obeis! (Hyped 2 Death)
- Fantastic post-Metal Urbain industrial-punk-noise madness from Corsica. Hear "Body Building" from Brian Turner's show.
6. Roland P. Young - Isophonic Boogie Woogie (Em)
7. Ike Yard - 1980-82 Collected (Acute)
8. BPA - Maybe Use My Knife (Shake It)
9. v/a - The Lost Weekend / The Night of the Hunter Soundtrack (El)

[listen to an amazing track of "The Night of the Hunter" read by Charles Laughton]

1. "Dangerous When Wet" - totally bizarro Japanther performance with synchronized swimming at NYU [see video from youtube]
2. Audio Verite series with film "New York Street Scenes and Noises" (1929) and audio works of Ken Jacobs at Anthology Film Archives.
3. Performance of Morton Feldman's "For Bunita Marcus" by Joseph Kubera at New York Studio School
4. Talib Kweli and Jean Grae at City Hall Park with cameos by Common, Black Eyed Peas, etc.
5. Performance by Ei Arakawa at Reena Spauldings Gallery
6. Michael Hurley live in the strange but intimate Monkeytown.
7. Brotzmann/Bennink duo live at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center
8. Francis-Marie Uitti cello interpretations of works by Giacinto Scelsi at Columbia's Italian Academy
9. New 35mm print of "Rules of the Game" at Film Forum

Check out other WFMU Top Ten of 2006 lists right here.

Dan Bodah's Eleven Very Pleasant Recordings and Four New Musical Obsessions from 2006

Here are some of Dan Bodah's (Airborne Event) faves from 2006. More DJ Best of 2006 lists here. We'll be adding more lists every day until December 31st.

Recordings (in no particular order), click on artist/comp name for a sample song in real audio:

Christinacarter_1Christina Carter -- Electrice (Kranky)
Erstwhile charalambides member coming into her own as a vocalist, with vague lyrics and guitar structures that immediate connect with the gut despite their abstraction -- it's like finding a stranger's snapshots on the street.
GnarlsbarkleyelsewhereGnarls Barkley -- St. Elsewhere (Downtown)
Totally original intersection of danger mouse's smart hip-hop beats and cee-lo's majestic soul vocals.  and a great cover of the Violent Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone."

Louvel_mi_1Olivia Louvel -- Luna Parc Hotel (Angelika Kohlermann)
First album of inventive electronic moodiness from french singer -- online here.


B000ggsmd001_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_v64001664_Rogue's Gallery 2xCD compilation (Anti-)
Rough-hewn modern takes on classic sea chanteys and sailor songs, including: Baby Gramps' "Cape Cod Girls" (with Akron/Family backing), Nick Cave's "Fire Down Below,"  and Dave Thomas' drifting wreck of "What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?"

FlahertyPaul Flaherty -- The Whirl of Nothingness (Family Vineyard)
Flaherty combines reed-tearing wails and blues-soaked melodicism into an unbelievably delicate and powerful record of solo sax improvisations.

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December 20, 2006

Kevin Nutt (Sinner's Crossroads) Top Ten of 2006

Bacacay_1 Here's Kevin Nutt's Top Ten List for 2006. Kevin is the host of the Sinner's Crossroads radio program on WFMU, which is heard on Monday nights from 7-8 PM, and is also available as a podcast. Previously published 2006 DJ Top Tens can be seen here.

1. Bacacay by Wiltold Gombrowicz. (Archipelago Books) Gombrowicz migrated to Argentina from his native Poland before WWII and the stories that make up this amazing collection are named after a street in his adopted home of Buenos Aires.12 stories written during the 1920s that are often absurd, comic, and tragic all at once. A group of lepers on the make, a twelve course meal featuring a main course cadaver, and a sailor cast into the sea to drift till death in a transparent sphere. Odd and glorious.

2. Bear Bryant Funeral Train by Brad Vice. (University of Georgia Press) Superb story collection by a young whipersnapper from Lamar County, Alabama who kinda forgot to properly note that the story "Tuscaloosa Knights" included verbatim sentences from Carl Carmer's 1930's classic Stars Fell on Alabama. But it ain't plagiarism; take my word. Subsequent ballyhoo caused the University of Georgia Press to recall and pulp all copies of the book. So, it's literally impossible to find. Late news is that tiny River City Press will be republishing it later this year.

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Kenny G's Top Ten of 2006


. | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | .

Brian Turner's 2006 Year End Faves

From BT, in no particular order, music of 2006 (click artist to hear Real Audio sample):
Ex_1 Getatchew Mekuria/The Ex and Guests - Moa Anbessa (Terp) 
Golding Institute - The Final Relaxation (Ipecac)
Pappo's Blues - Vol 1-4 reissues (Leader Music)
Ayat - Al Nabi Moujrem Moughtaseb Dajjal (Sardonic Wrath) (Blog post/review here)
Scott Walker - The Drift (4AD) (Blog post/review here)
Angel Face - A Wild Odyssey (Seidr)
Kelley Stoltz - Heaven Up Here CDR (No Label) (Blog post here)
Manierisme - Manierisme (Nekrokult + Nihilism)
Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury (Re-Up)
This Heat - Out of Cold Storage box (ReR) (Blog post/review here)
Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band - Egyptian Jazz (Art Yard) (Blog post/review here)
Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band - One (Paradigm)
Plasticman - Forward Live at Plastic People Vol. 2 (Tempa)
Prima Materia - The Tail of the Tiger (Die Schachtel)
Mazen Kerbaj - Starry Night (Blog post/MP3)
Humcrush - Hornswoggle (Rune Grammofon)
Menstruation Sisters - Ma (Fata) 
Sete Star Sept/Watch Me Burn/Dot(.) - Yaminabe Holocaust (Shifty)
Country Teasers - The Empire Strikes Back (In the Red) (link to unexpurgated web-only live FMU  session from this past year)
Citay - Citay (Important) (link to live WFMU session from this past year)
Various - Burr Xyolophones: Lobi Country (Ocora)
Carla Bozulich - Evangelista (Constellation)
Ravi Padmanabha/Ed Chang - Elephant Calls (Utech) (Blog post/review here)

More below, and more staff top 10's for 2006 here.

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December 19, 2006

Joe Belock's (Three Chord Monte) Top Ten of 2006

Wynn_2 Bstares_1 Nyoung_1 Clords_1 Lks_1









Click any record cover to stream Real Audio from the WFMU archives.

Joe Belock's Three Chord Monte Archives are here.

More WFMU DJ Top Ten Lists for 2006 are here.

Joe Belock's expanded top ten list, including reissues, singles, and EPs can be found here, or just click the "continue" button below.

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Billy Jam's Top 10 of 2006

Billy Jam hosts Put The Needle on The Record every Friday afternoon at 3pm.  Here's his faves for 2006:

(all listen links are streaming realaudio from the WFMU archives)

Burning_11) "Best of the Bay" mixed by DJ Eleven (Wax Poetics)
2)  "My Sound Station" Teeko (4OneFunk) (hear it here | here | and here )
3) "Rip It Up And Start Again: Post Punk 1978-1984Simon Reynolds
(Penguin Books)
4) "Donuts" J-Dilla (Stones Throw) (hear it here | here | and here )
5) "Infamy: A Graffiti Film" by Doug Pray (Image Entertainment/DVD)
6)  "Burning New York" James T. and Karla L. Murray (Gingko Press)
7) "Pick A Bigger Weapon" The Coup (Epitaph) (hear it here )
8)  Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Jazzy Jay, Mix Master Ice, & Lord Finese in concert: Crotona Park, Bronx, NY, July 13 2006
9) "City Of Men - the complete series" 3-DVD set (PALM)
10) "Skateboards 2 Scrapers" The Pack (Up All Nite/Jive)

Check all the other Top Lists right here.

Top of the Tops According to Charlie Lewis

From Charlie (with clickable links to Real Audio samples). The unfolding WFMU 2006 Top Ten Lists are here.

Top Ten "Top" Songs:

Althea_and_donna Althea & Donna - "Up Town Top Ranking" - from Party-Keller vol. 1

Eyeball_skeleton Eyeball Skeleton - "Flat Top Vampire" - from #1

Ethel_merman Ethel Merman - "You're the Top" - from Respect: A Century of Women in Music  

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December 18, 2006

Lou Ziegler ("The Push Bin") Top Ten Things I Heard in 2006

All listen links are streaming Real Audio from the WFMU Archives. Top Ten Lists here.

1. Milanese - Extend - (Planet Mu) Milanese_1
Taking bits of dubstep, grime, ragga, jungle and I don't know what and melding it into one great joyous mess. Killer tracks - Caramel Cognac, Mr. Ion. [Click here to listen]

2. Nathan Fake - Drowning in a Sea of Love - (Border Community)
I read that "Grandfathered" is being used in a Motorola ad, but don't hold that against Mr. Fake. Tons of great cuts that I still can't get over. Killer tracks - The Sky Was Pink, You Are Here. [Click here to listen]

3. Any of the Dubstep All-Stars Compilations that came out this year -
I know this list is dubstep heavy but I just can't help it. Too many killer tracks to mention. [Click here to listen]Dubstep_allstars_1

4. Growing - Color Wheel - (Megablade)
One of the few "heavy" records that came out this year that I was allowed to listen to in my house without someone yelling at me to turn it down. There's something about the quiet parts on this record that just make it all the more heavier. Killer tracks - Cumulusless, Friendly Confines. [Click here to listen]

5. Major Stars - Synoptikon - (Important)
New band lineup...same great stuff. Killer tracks - Black Road, The Ravager. [Click here to listen]

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Doug Schulkind's Favorites of 2006

Here are Doug Schulkind's Favorites of 2006. Doug's original favorites page is here, and all the Best of 2006 lists we've published so far are here. More lists coming every day from now until December 31st. All "listen links" in Doug's list are Realaudio archives.

Tom Zé
Dançe-Êh Sá

In the nearly forty years since Brazil's subversive Tropicalístas began issuing their satirical treatises, no member of that cultural insurgency has remained truer to the original dada spirit than Tom Zé. Ever the experimentalist, Zé is celebrating his 70th year with this dense rain forest of wordless chants, chirping whistles, manic drum beats and deviously deployed electronica. Subtitled "Dança Dos Herdeiros do Sacrifício" (Dance of the Heirs of Sacrifice), this record is Zé's response to MTV marketing research identifying a hedonism, consumerism and social irresponsibility in today's youth. He says, "In order to reach these youngsters, I changed everything I ever produced and followed Chico Buarque's suggestion that the song is over." Revolutions per minute indeed.
Listen to: Cara-Cuá 
Amadou Kiénou & Son Ensemble Foteban

Even drummer lovers find most percussion enesembles a bore. Sure, hearing unison playing at breakneck speed through mind-melting time changes can be a thrill. But at a certain point you just want to to say fuck virtuosity, let's dance. And everyone knows you can't shake your booty to music that has no bottom! Amadou Kienou's Ensemble Foteban, like all the heaviest percussion groups—Olodum, Kodo, the drumline of Florida A&M's marching band—has that elusive element in spades. The lilting balafon titilates, the sweet vocals uplift, but the key sound everpresent on this recording from Burkina Faso is the surging, insistent pounding at its rock-solid base. Major kudos to the recording engineer who captured it so faithfully.
Listen to: Ouagadougou Kalou
Fania Records reissues!

This year's revival and rerelease of the Fania records catalog, after languishing in legal limbo—and a moldy warehouse—for years, is a landmark event in the history of Latin music. If, in the 1960s and '70s, New York City was the Vatican for the salsa orthodoxy, Fania was the Bible. Crucial recordings, masterpiece upon masterpiece, delivered the liturgies of the exalted: singers like Lavoe, Cruz and Rivera; band leaders like Pacheco, Roena and the brothers Palmieri; virtuosos like Colón, Harlow, and Barretto. And now, after years of suffering with insultingly poor-quality one-off CD releases, only sporadically available, we have access at last to the high holy vaults, completely remastered, with original cover art and newly added bilingual liner notes. Amen hermanos y hermanas.
Listen to: Periódico de Ayer by Héctor Lavoe (from De Ti Depende)
Listen to: Jala Jala by Ismael Rivera (from Controversia)

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December 17, 2006

Fatty Jubbo's First-Rate Fare For 2006

Between now and the end of the month, we'll be posting Top Ten of 2006 lists from our DJs and bloggers every day. Here is Fatty Jubbo's list. You can see all lists published so far at this link.

Ovo_pic 1. OVO - Live at The Note, Chicago

I really didn't go to too many shows this year due to a growing apathy towards new music and a busy schedule, but I managed to make it out to see OVO- even though they were playing one of the shittiest bars in Chicago. I had heard their latest CD and liked it OK but the live show is really something to behold. It is really difficult for a band to transcend the bleak environment of  bad sound, surly bartenders who are just waiting for the 2 am rush and an audience of 10 people...but OVO- they played as if they were on the brink of death summoning up a bizarre energy.

A friend told me they played the exact same set two years ago and he was a little disappointed. Even if I saw this set a second time around, I would be mighty impressed. Working under the idea of "every performance is wholly unique" is always noble- but I always admire a band who approach a set as if it  is a scripted theatre piece.

Grusel_3 2. Hans Grusel's KrankenKabinet - Live at The Lab, San Francisco

Hans Grusel's Tea Fur Two might be one of the best songs of 2006- which makes it imperative for anyone to trek out to see Hans and his gingerbread-clad cronies whenever they pass through town. This show was a spectacular living mechanical music box replete with wind-up fraus and living day-glow tree trunks manipulating burbling electronics. They also splurted out a cover of Crimson & Clover!

Watch this show here! Part 1 & Part 2 (youtube links)

Listen to Hans Grusel live on Bill Zurat's show HERE! (realaudio link)

Thymme 3. Cheer-Accident / Lord Of The Yum-Yum - Live at Empty Bottle, Chicago

This was one show that made me happy that I live in Chicago. This was Cheer-Accident's record release show for their new record "What Sequel?". When Cheer-Accident gets free reign of the night's proceedings you know you are in for hours of mind-warping, frustrating yet brilliant expectation shattering. (youtube links)

The night started out with Cheer-Accident performing a short set of complex prog, ending with their crowd-clearer Fillet Of Nod which is a single chord strummed way pass anyone's tolerance level. In the past they have performed this masterpiece in a park- displacing the resident bums who hurled curses and beer cans at them as they continued for the next four hours completely stone-faced and expressionless. This night was no different. As a fan who understands and loves their penchant for frustrating audiences, even I was slowly losing grip wondering when the fuck it was going to end until I lost myself in the minutest of variations.

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December 16, 2006

Trouble Top Ten and then Some

Marieant_t 1. Marie Antoinette, the journey by Antonia Fraser.  Whereas the movie got all the press,  I would suggest the book for a far more intense understanding of how truly crazy it was to be the Queen of France in 1777. The simultaneity of having unchecked wealth, nothing much to actually do, and no privacy of any kind in the bed chamber (getting dressed in the morning was a group affair with social hierarchy determining who was to hand the buck bare and freezing queen her under garments) was a fascinating reveal of the inner workings of France's rulers, and the actual lack of power that was afforded the head wig-wearers.  Plus, how can you resist the confectionery dresses?

2. Os Mutantes at Webster Hall in July.  I went to pay respect, not expecting much, as I am not a fan of the reunion vibe.  But from the opening note they were so fab!  The crowd was in love with them, and they were graciously dynamic, and happy to please with a run through of all the hits.  Rita Lee was not on board, which I knew going in, but her more than adequate stand in orchestrated the party vibe of the live show  that  Brazilians do so well. ( Seu Jorge live is also super great!)

3. The Curtom Story-We're a Winner  (1998) Curtom was Curtis Mayfield's label, and750663_356x237_1 he extended his amazing groove to everyone he included in his stable.  Curating his acts in response to the racism and lack of opportunities for acts who were not seen as Motown-friendly, The Five Stairsteps, Major Lance, Gene Chandler and Love's Children are better known in Northern Soul circles than on on our shores.  Whether you know Curtis's music or not this compilation will blow your mind.

4. Steve Reid and Kieran Hebden live on This is the Modern World, April 13th.  Steve was so very cool and it was a thrill to watch him play and he just so happens to be a jazz great.

5. Love is All and Johnny Boy, carrying the flag of power-pop-remixed-via-electronica-by-Phil Spector into 2006, I'm eagerly waiting to see what is next for both of these great bands.

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December 15, 2006

Hatch's 2006 Favorites

Hatch's 10 favorite new releases of 2006:

James Blackshaw - O True Believers (Important)

Listen to:
"The Elk With Jade Eyes" (RealAudio)

Brightblack Morning Light - Brightblack Morning Light (Matador)

Listen to:
"A River Could Be Loved" (RealAudio)

Ghostface Killah - FishScale (Def Jam)

Listen to:
"The Champ" (RealAudio)

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