January 26, 2008

$mall ¢hange's omewhat tardy top 11...

$¢ presents some classics that got heavy rotation for 007.  Yes we're a little on island time.  Yes all this shit is mad old.  So Ffffing what?  Mofos still wile e coyote out to 'em.  Go easy on me kid, I'm just an old man playing old rekkids.

Love Unlimited Orchestra  'Strange Games and Things'  20th Century
those strings always kill me, esp on the beginning.  When you have the full power of an orchestra with a groove that killer, hmmmm mmmm.  (Ex-squeeze all my mindless chatter over the link)

Ike and Tina Turner  'You Got What You Wanted'  Pompeii
heavy ballad type ish.  Super badass.  RIP Mr. Turner.  Lyrics are right on right on.  Something to be learned here children.

Beatfanatic  'Jogando Capoeira'  Raw Fusion
The raw fusion / gamm / etc record family outta stockholm has been KILLING shit for a while now, and this track is the creme of the creme, like the top of a properly served espresso.  A modern stone cold classic no doubt.  Played it at midnight of 08 to boot.

Beenie Man and Barrington Levy  'Murderer Remix'  Yaga Yaga
As if the OG Berrington Levy's Murderer wasn't badass enough (one of my favorite riddims), this remix with the 'to all the geto yuths' intro always slams mofos.  But lots on this, love the Simple Simon, Spragga Benz, its hard to go wrong with murderer.

Frankie Paul  'Pass the Tu-Seng-Peng'  Volcano
pass it over!  Dunno why I've slept on this old school classic for so long.  Happy but hard hitting reggae, the best.  Heard Mr. Scruff drop this recently in a set and made my night.

Sleezy D  'I've Lost Control'  Trax
classic tres-demented acid haus from the Trax label.  For the stepchildren.  Shouts to my man Ron Morelli for schooling me on this.  The sound of a trip gone bad.

Ogyatanaa Show Band  'Disco Africa'  Sound Way
an afrobeat heater for the dance floor.  Been comped a few times, good a great organ and chorus.  Kinda prefer the OG but nuff respeck to Quantic's edit that came out on Sound Way.

Four Tet  'A Joy' (feat. Percee P) (Part 2)  Domino
Part 1 ain't bad but part two es muy stupido.  Uptempo funky baseline hip hop joint that's shorter then some rockabilly instros played on fool's paradise.  So make sure you have another selection cued when dropping this or you'll be scramblin', never a good look.

Fred Williams  'Tell Her'  Solo (or Jazzman via Midwest Funk comp)
Again we go deep people.  Life is short, go for the jugular.  Subtle but crazy good guitar riffs with a slow solid backbeat and homeslice wailing about his heart being broken.  One of the tastiest people, and big shouts to Josh Davis for giving me a good deal on this at the last FMU rekkid fair.  I try not to stamp collect too much but this one is essential.

Marion Black  'Who Knows?'  Capsoul (or Numero via the Eccentrc Soul: Capsoul label comp)
who knows anything at all...another slow and steady soul grinder with killer lyrics/music.  And not just for the 5am set, I've dropped this in the middle of open minded dancefloors and people jam.  Try it you'll like it like like Mikey from Life (cereal).

Prinza feat. the Demolition Man  'Fire'  Labello Blanco
crazy fresh 94 ragga jungle biz.  As the years go on some things get dates while others retain that freshness.  I'll be the 1st to admit there's a lot of boring DnB out there, but do your homework and look around, plenty of jams like this.

and many many others.  Even some from this year, really!

January 22, 2008

Billy Jam's Top 10 of 2007 (belated)

Somehow Billy Jam's top 10 list for 2007 fell through the cracks here at WFMU Centralia, and we apologize for the tardiness of its presentation. If you missed out on 2007 listmania, click here.

Billy Jam's Top Ten of 2007

Img_2679_2 1) The number best thing of the last year for me was getting to do a show on WFMU every Friday afternoon and having the fortune to be on before Bronwyn C's great show and to follow the two wonderfully creative FMU DJs Bryce and Scott Williams.

2)  OCDJ "Hooray" (Wildfire Wildfire)
Speaking of cool ass WFMU DJs to follow on the radio, my old on-air partner OCDJ who I had the pleasure of following on the air but who sadly left WFMU about a year ago to sail the Atlantic, make music (among other things), and relocate to Baltimore where he hooked up Wildfire Wildfire to drop one of the best fuckin albums of the year with this lil puppy (Hooray indeed) that is underground cool with the potential of being global pop - if it were given the right push with a proper budget behind him. Fuckin brilliant!

3)  V/A "Soul Jazz Singles 2006/2007" set (Soul Jazz)
Wow! What an amazing 3-CD compilation this one is. And near every damn track included is on hit. How do they do it? I don't know but I do know that Soul Jazz is one of those few  rare labels these days that you can almost blindly bank on being good just by the label name. Remember when Def Jam was like that? Ah, I miss the old days.

4)  Emcee T's Bay Area version of the Sopranos intro (watch on YouTube).
Since leaving the Yay Area I miss it but I love the State that WFMU dwells in - New Jersey - home of the Sopranos - so when I first saw this Bay Area version of the Sopranos intro by Emcee T, it was love at first sight, since it brought together NJ and da Bay. Yay!

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January 07, 2008

DJ Bronwyn C's 2007 Top 10

Bronwyn C’s 2007 Top 10

Uhcov1Ford_stamp 1. “Ulrich Haarburste’s Novel of Roy Orbison Wrapped in Clingfilm” — Absolutely the greatest novel of the 21st century (so far). Google “Troubador Publishing Ltd.” and order your copy before the green American dollar becomes completely worthless overseas.

2. Jerry Ford U.S. Postage Stamps — My favorite president EVER. Still waiting for the Rudy King Jr. postage stamp, though.

3. “Lepechaun IV: In Space” — I saw about 45 minutes of this movie around Halloween, and it made me happier than anything I’d seen in a long time. I keep meaning to rent it so I can watch the whole thing.

Lepiv_2 4. The Greatest Sentence Ever Written — Lead sentence to a crime-news story in the NY Daily News, by reporter Scott Shifrel:  “A baby jammed in a shoebox amid a swarm of cockroaches, a pile of drugs, and a loaded handgun was well cared for and loved, her teenage mother insisted as she was released from jail yesterday.” An entire novel in 36 words.

Djy 5. “Dae Jo Young” — Korean Broadcasting Sytem’s 100-plus-episode historical costume drama about the life of King Go of Balhae, circa late 7th century. Not as good as “Immortal Admiral Yi Soon Shin” but still pretty great. You can make up a fun drinking game based on every time Heuk Sudol says “Blasted Bastards!”

6. The Bacon Shawl — A chart for knitting or crocheting a shawl that looks like an enormous piece of bacon. From Monster Crochet.

Annae 7. Program Director Brian putting the latest Britney Spears’ CD into the station’s New Bin in a disguised, handmade cover under the name “Anna Elektronische” to see how many DJs would play it without realizing it was a prank. Genius!

8. Bookbinding classes and the letterpress seminar at the Center for Book Arts, NYC.Baxter

9. DJ Mr. Billy Jam’s heroic board-op work during my live broadcast from the WFMU Record and CD Fair in November.

10. Our Boston Terrier, Henne’s Baxter Beans, got his CGC title on the first try! Yay!

Scott McDowell's Top 10 List 2007

Eleven (or Twelve) for 2007:

Listen links are Real Audio from various WFMU shows.

Cprdown Nels Cline / Andrea Parkins / Tom Rainey - Downpour (Victo) - Tom Rainey (drums) seems to elevate just about every improv meeting he's in. The other two ain't slouches, either. (Anyone know if it was recorded during an actual downpour?) Listen

Poor School - Voor Niets in Zijn CD-R (Cut Hands) - This is a disaster of a record, a jazz-bent plodding guitar/sax/drums assault that calls to mind heyday-era Siltbreeze. Listen

Valet - Blood is Clean (Kranky / World - Can you Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight? (Onomato)  - Loved this creepy psych bedroom glaze from Nudge/Jackie-O-Motherfucker affiliate, Honey Owens aka Valet. World is Honey along with Adam Forkner (White Rainbow) combining forces to build a psychedelic, abstract and rhythmic pillar of sound.  I wish my name was Honey Owens. Listen

Charles Tolliver Big Band - With Love (Blue Note) - Competent brassy big band stuff on Blue Note probably means 'boring' to a lot of people, but this thing brings so much heat, it's a about to spin off the turntable and start orbiting.

Dry Rot - Permission EP 7" (Cold Vomit) - Nauseous Cleveland/Rocket From the Tombs/early-Joy Division/Comsat Angels with unexpected blurpy electronic flourishes rather than Maximum Rock 'n Roll mohawk scuzz, as one might logically expect from the cover.  Listen

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Jack Mello's Highlights of 2007

In no order...

Black_dice- Larry Heard/Fingers Inc. reissues ("Sun Can't Compare," "I'm Strong") [Wiki]

- Black Dice and related ("Load Blown," Eric Copeland "Hermaphrodite," Soft Circle "Full Bloom") [Black Dice Dot Net]

- Boredoms 77 Boadrum event [YouTube]

- A smokin' soulful house track by Dennis Ferrer called "Church Lady". [MySpace]

- Josef van Wissem - A Rose By Any Other Name (Bvhaast/Incunabulum) [Homepage]

- Terje Rypdal - s/t (ECM) [Wiki]

- Fucked Up - Year of the Pig 12" (What's Your Rupture?) [Wiki]

- The Good, The Bad, and the Queen - s/t (Parlophone/Virgin) [Homepage]

- Post-dubstep vibrations from Shackleton ("Next to Nothing," Skull Disco singles/2 CD comp.), Bass Clef, 2562, Burial.

- Italians Do It Better (Glass Candy "B/E/A/T/B/O/X," Chromatics "In Shining Violence"/"IV Night Drive," "After Dark" comp., singles by Professor Genius and Farah Holly) [MySpace]

- Cadenza Records (cool Swiss/Chilean label with next-level double-pack 12s" from Luciano, Petre Inspirescu, Argenis Brito, Digitaline, Villalobos; singles by Pikaya, Rhadoo, Andomat3000 & Jan) [Homepage]

- Dial Records (Hamburg label with deep/minimal electro-glide house albums from Pantha Du PrinceKompakt and Efdemin and singles by Lawrence and Sten) [Homepage]

- Kompakt (techno stalwart label stretches out with electro-pop [Juergen Paape U Boy Schaefler Gesang "We Love" from "Total 8," Supermayer CD] and genre-defying [sort of] albums from The Field, Gui Boratto, Thomas Fehlmann) [Homepage]

- England (visiting friends in Brighton to the south and ruined abbeys/castles up north, Durham Cathedral, jellied eels at pie-and-mash shop in Hackney, driving on the wrong side of the road) [Wiki]

- Getting engaged! [Congrats, Jack!]

January 05, 2008

Diane Kamikaze's 2007 Year End Faves

Excrealpcover Records That Kicked Ass This Year: (click to hear a Real Audio sample:

White Mice (2 LPs this year, yay!)
Jesu - The Conqueror
Neurosis - Given to the Rising
Lugubrum - De Ware Hond
Glenn Mercer - Wheels In Motion
Shellac - Excellent Italian Greyhound
Mammatus - The Coast Explodes
Alabama Thunderpussy - Open Fire
Sigh - Hangmans' Hymn
Obscurus Advocam - Verbaia Daemonicus
Black Ice - Myopia
Coliseum- No Salvation
Trelldom - Til Minne...
Circle - Panic                                          
Core of the Coalman - Anxiety

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January 04, 2008

Mike Lupica's Randomly Ranked Favorites of 2007

Top Ten 90s Singles of 2007:
("Listen" links will open streaming MP3s from the Anti-Static archives.)

1. Beak - Airplane [Listen]Bullet_for_fidel
Blowing up in the face of the San Francisco pop punk expulsion came Beak, who served up a throbbing cocktail of Flipper-like noise on this Insignificant Records single. (And then again later, on their impossible to find "Autoselfreplicationalism" full-length.) Blarin' sax, wailin' vox, and a would-be Muppet behind the drumkit -- you tell me what's not to love.

2. A Bullet for Fidel - The Last Day of Fall [Listen]
The curiously named A Bullet for Fidel is actually one guy -- Brian DiPlacido -- who recorded a handful of records for the Scat label throughout the 90s. Although I never saw him perform and have no solid memory of buying them, I somehow managed to acquire all of his releases and they only really connected with me quite recently. Some truly threadbare sounds here, but they carry an autumnal starkness that's brilliantly affecting.

3. Sun City Girls - Eye Mohini [Listen]
A nice prelude to the interstellar pop of their "Torch of the Mystics" LP, the "Three Fake Female Orgasms" double single from which this track comes was one my most oft turned-to audio irritants at the dawn of my radio career. (To say nothing of the eyebrow-raising enjoyment afforded by saying the words "Three Fake Female Orgasms" on the radio.)

4. Leslie - Via Dolorosa [Listen]
The absolute pinnacle of Washington DC post-hardcore. These ex-members of Jawbox, Swiz, and Edsel came out of nowhere with this mysterious 45 on Jade Tree Records, and were promptly neverLeslie heard from again. The modern noir sensibility of "Via Dolorosa" really makes me hope that George Pelecanos has heard this record.

5. Big Nurse - Hey Hey [Listen]
My days of drunkenly arguing over the best-ever NJ punk single are gone forever, but that probably says more about the sissy company I keep these days than it does the quality of local noise being made. These shore-core darlings forever endeared themselves to me with this pick-axe-through-your-spinal-column number, as brought to you by the appropriately named Heat Blast label.

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Todd-O-Phonic Todd's Top Ten of 2007


1. The Sadies - New Seasons (Yep Roc) [Real Audio]

2. Going to Citizens Bank Park with Three Chord Monte host Joe Belock to see The Phillies come back and complete a four game sweep of the Mets, followed up with a visit to Tony Luke's.

3. Roddy Jackson - Central Valley Fireball (Ace)

4. Luis & The Wildfires - Brain Jail (Wild CD/Norton vinyl) [Real Audio]

5. The Packers return to prominence this seasonTorta

6. Ham Torta (sandwich) at El Mixteca (Jersey City Heights)

7. Ponderosa Stomp shows in Hoboken & Brooklyn

8. Fabienne Delsol - Between You And Me (Damaged Goods)

9. Hixville:We'll Have A Fine Time Yes-Siree! compilation (Jasmine)

10. Debut visits to The Margate Dairy Bar (Margate, NJ) and The Friendly Tavern (Philly, PA)

Click here for more of the Todd-o-Phonic Todd that you crave!

January 03, 2008

Resident Clinton's Top 10 Places Visited in the US during 2007

Houseonrock_2 1) THE HOUSE ON THE ROCK, Spring Green, Wisconsin



4) CASA BONITA, Denver, Colorado

5) CICADA INFESTATION, Chicago, Illinois

6) CONEY ISLAND, New York City


8) PIKE PLACE MARKET, Seattle, Washington

9) POWELL'S BOOKS, Portland, Oregon


Details, videos and much more on all of the above after the jump.

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Jeffrey Davison's Favorite 2007 Releases

Susan_alcorn0001panorama Susan Alcorn - And I Await the Resurrection of the Pedal Steel Guitar
Olde English - Spelling Bee
Meg Baird - Dear Companion - Drag City
James Blackshaw - Cloud of Unknowing   Tompkins Square
Tom Brosseau - Cavalier - Fat Cat
Vic Chesnutt - North Star Deserter - Constellation
Clogs - Lantern - Brassland
Colleen - Les Ondes Silencieuses - Leaf
Nancy Elizabeth - Battle and Victory - Timbreland
Ron Franklin - City Lights - Memphis International
David Garland - Noise in You - Family Vineyard
P.J. Harvey - White Chalk - Island
Sean Hayes - Flowering Spade - Ambient Egg
Michael Hurley - Ancestral Swamp - Gnomonsong
Glenn Jones - Against Which the Sea Continually Beats - Strange Attractors
Lewis & Clarke - Blasts of Holy Birth - La Societe Expeditionnaire
Samara Lubelski - Parallel Suns - The Social Registry
Paul Metzger - Deliverance - Locust
Sean Smith - Sacred Crag Dance Corpse Whisperer - Isota
Tiny Vipers - Hands Across the Void - Sub Pop
Mike Wexler - Sun Wheel - Amish

Fv54 Some Favorite Reissues:

Paul Adolphus - The Dawn Wind - Shadoks
Vashti Bunyan - Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind - DiChristina
Loren Connors - As Roses Bow - Family Vineyard
Karen Dalton - Cotton Eyed Joe - Megaphone
Fraser and DeBolt - s/t - Fallout
Asa Irons & Swaan Miller - s/t - Important
Wizz Jones - When I Leave Berlin - Sunbeam
Lambert and Nuttycombe - At Home - Fallout
Propiniquity - s/t - Numero
Silmaril - Voyage of Icarus - Locust
Michael Yonkers - Grimwood - DeStijl

January 02, 2008

Rich Hazelton's Best of 2007

Jodorowskyboxsetarticle 1. Life With Tamar - Retaining her hold on the number one spot is my lovely wife. She has stated that I have dug myself a hole that will be very difficult to extricate myself from. However, I counter that she
knows the exceptions that will force her from the top spot (sudden wealth and/or success, neither of which have a chance of ever appearing on this list; personal tip: bet on Snowball in Hell before betting on a
new number 1) and realizes that I am unlikely to ever utter the words "What a great book/film/record that was, sorry Tamar you're number 2 this year". She retains her top spot by being her and this year that includes her first appearance as published author. Mother always told me to marry a doctor, and my favorite doctor of geography continues to prove her right.

2. The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky DVD box set (Abcko) - "Fando y Lis", "El Topo", "The Holy Mountain" and the soundtracks to both "El Topo" and "The Holy Mountain" (never before released collaboration between Jodorowsky and Don Cherry) along with extras. I don't think there needs to be anything else said about this except for the fact that I do miss the Japanese subtitles from the old bootleg videos taken from laserdisc. And, "The Holy Mountain" is my favorite film. And when itcomes to Jodorowsky I am like a fanboy. [Click here for Real Audio from the Holy Mountain soundtrack.]

3.  Eliot Weinberger - An Elemental Thing (New Directions) - Beautiful writing filled with information from a lifetime of reading that you can never exhaust no matter how many Google searches you do. It isn't very often that a book comes along that I pick up again and again and find something new in both book and myself no matter how many times I read it (Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities" and "T Zero", John Crowley's "Little Big", a few others). I think this is such a book. I believe that the sum of the parts are threaded through its divisions; so many wholes.

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January 01, 2008

HotRod's Top 10 of 2007

Hotrod HotRod checks in with her 2007 picks (in no particular order):

- I'll Sleep When You're Dead  (listen | watch)
Bjork - Volta  (watch)
Mum - Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy  (listen)
Modeselektor - Happy Birthday  (listen | listen more)
Tomahawk - Anonymous  (listen)
Apparat - Walls  (listen)
Tegan and Sara - The Con  (listen | watch | watch more)
Bat For Lashes - Fur & Gold  (listen | watch)
Justice - (listen)
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position  (watch)

*Runners Up:*
!!! - Myth Takes
Black Dice - Load Blown
PJ Harvey - White Chalk
Blonde Redhead - 23
Battles - Mirrored
Panda Bear - Person Pitch
Mavado - Gangsta For Life : The Symphony of David Brooks
Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass
Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam
Bogdan Raczynski - Alright!
Sarolta Zalotnay - S/T
Selda - S/T

December 31, 2007

Bob Brainen - Favorites of 2007 (in no order)

Bnb_ep_web"New New"
The Bird and the Bee - The Bird and the Bee  (Blue Note)
Innocence Mission - We Walked in Song (Badman)
Yesterdays New Quintet (aka Mad Lib) -Yesterdays Universe (Stones Throw)
Alec K . Redfearn and the Eyesores - The Blind Spot (Cunieform)
NRBQ - Live at the Calvin Theatre 4-28-07 (MP3 ONLY)
Bettye Lavette - The Scene of The Crime ( Anti)
Graham Haynes - Full Circle (RKM)
Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators - Keep Reachin' Up (Light In The Attic)
Thelonious Moog - American Standard (Grown-Up Records)

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December 29, 2007

Webhamster Henry's Top 10 Imaginary Sound Events of 2007

L_b704878af69e0414113ff88e2427ecf6 1. Cassarole : Mash Covers (Honor Among Thieves, 2007)
Another step in the mainstreaming of mash-up culture: karaoke and live covers of popular mashups, done with a backing band.

2. A Word With You  (Parent Helper, 1959)
A 7" record dressing down potential Juvenile Delinquents, with a Chubby Checker label as protective coloration.

3. A Bull in a China Shop 1-25 (Affected, 2007)
As hi-fi gets higher and higher, sound effects need to be more and more accurate. Here is the top of the line floating point 192kHz 5.1 series of sound effects, many of them  super hi-fi recreations of old cartoon studio effects (boings, screeches, water splashes, trumpet gobbles...), and many new effects (actually letting a bull loose in a china shop!) that are in themselves things of beauty.

4.  Bird's Ear View  (NYBC, 2007)
A short passionate plea in favor of pigeons, BY pigeons. Tiny radio mics strapped to the birds' bodies as the go though the day, revealing just how much they interact with humans and how we interact with them. Also, some interesting financial information overheard on Wall Street which may or may not still be useful.

5. The Nun Such: The Word You've Not Heard  (Yeesh, Eva! Records, 2007)
In the 50s, the Gibson Bible Institute undertook a massive project to record the entire Bible on LPs and the tapes never made it to the record pressers. But here they have been excerpted, just the weirdest parts of the Bible: giants, orgies, sacrifices, plagues, commandments you've never heeded before, all underscored with a Hammond organ by the somewhat obsessive audionauts the Nun Such.

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December 28, 2007

Fabio's Best (and the gone) of 2007

(In no particular order)Eastern_promises_3_3
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Director: Sidney Lumet
No Country for Old Men. Director: Coen Brothers
It is Fine! Everything is Fine. Crispin Hellion Glover (With Slide show presentation and Q&A) hear Crispin interviewed on WFMU by Clay Pigeon, and by Pseu Braun (also here)
There Will Be Blood. Paul Thomas Anderson
Eastern Promises. Director: David Cronenberg
Jodorowsky_front_imageWorld of Glory. Director: Roy Andersson (Sweden, 1991. Released on Cinema 16: European Short Films 2x dvd collection)
Brand Upon the Brain. Director: Guy Maddin (Performed with Live orator, orchestra and live foley crew).
Los Muertos. Director: Lisandro Alonso (Argentina)
Vivafn3The Films of Alejandro Jodorowski. DVD box collection check this link to hear soundtrack music splayed on FMU
The Fernando Arrabal Collection. DVD box set (featuring Viva La Muerte, I Will walk like a Crazy Horse, and The Guernica Tree) hear music from Viva La Muerte on FMU here
Mafioso. Director: Roberto Lattuada (1962, re-released. Italy)
The Lives of Others. Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Radio On. Director: Christopher Petit (DVD re-release, 1980)
The Assassination of Richard Nixon. Director: Niels Mueller (from 2004. Missed this the first time Jacksmitharound).
3:10 to Yuma. Director: James Mangold
I'm Not There. Director: Todd Haynes hear soundtrack music on FMU here
Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis. Director: Mary Jordan (Primarily for the incredible footage of Jack Smith himself)

Jump, for music, live-and-other-stuff, and R.I.P. lists

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December 27, 2007

Doug Schulkind's Favorites of '07

Doug's original favorites page is here.

Moussa Doumbia
(Oriki Music)

Godfather of Soul wannabes sprang up like kudzu in the 1960s and '70s, and, outside of Chicago and Detroit, the most badass Brown imitators per hectare came from the gritty urban centers of East and West Africa. Anwar Richard and Matata ruled Nairobi, Geraldo Pino & the Heartbeats concquered Lagos, but the heaviest of heavyweight Afrofunkateers may have been Mali's sax-playing, leather-lunged soul belter Moussa Doumbia, who toiled in semiobscurity in the nightclubs of Ivory Coast's capital city Abidjan. Doumbia was a cool cat but no copycat. While others merely reproduced the James Brown sound, Doumbia seemingly conjured, on a nightly basis, the very soul of Soul Brother No. 1 itself. His massive funk workouts featured all the withering, from-the-gut grunts and squeals, but they were layered over a dense thicket of his native Dioula rhythms—along with, of course, skronking horns and skanky guitars. This French compilation of Doumbia's rare singles and one album may be the greatest single-disc trove of African funk ever released.

Listen to: Keleya (extended lp version)
Listen to: Yeye Mousso

Música Tradicional do Norte e Nordeste 1938

Give this astonishing collection seven hours and it'll give you the world of Northeastern Brazil as it sounded 70 years ago. Comprising six CDs presenting nearly 300 performances, this tour de force is a time-travel kit worthy of H.G. Wells. The brainchild of poet Mário de Andrade, São Paulo's municipal secretary of culture back in 1938, the Folklore Research Mission was a four-man team of music archeologists dispatched to record and preserve the incidental music of street peddlers, dockworkers, schoolchildren—virtually anyone they came across. It was a massive undertaking intended to document the region's culture just as Brazil was rapidly modernizing under the spell of radio and film. More than just a compilation of precious artifacts, this wondrous set captures the sound of the soul of a people.

Listen to: Boi Pai do Campo Teu Dia Chegou by José Antonio Castro and others
Listen to: an instrumental track by José Rocha (Zé Padre) and others
Listen to:  Aboios by José Gomes Pereira (Zé Gago) and others

Ernst Reijseger
Requiem for a Dying Planet
(Winter & Winter)

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December 26, 2007

Benjamen Walker's 2007 TOP TENish



Klangmutationen - Weiße Messe (link)
Citay - Lttle Kingdom (link)
(D)ynamic (B)rown (H)ips - Wave The Old Wave (link)
Pulse Emitter - Progression To Desolation (link)
Robert Wyatt - Comicopera (link)
Various Artists - Summer Records Anthology 1974-1988 (link)
Blockhead - Uncle Tony's coloring book (link)
Focus Group - We Are All Pan's People (link)
Donnacha Costello - ColorSeries (link)
Witchcraft - The Alchemist (link)

Movies, Books follow

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December 25, 2007

DJ Rix's Top Ten of 2007

Cover827912061864_2 The year according to Rix: click on the links to check out Real Audio samples or otherwise.

The All Ear Trio (with John Tchicai) - Boiler.  (CD, Ninth World Music).

Earle Brown - Tracer (CD, Mode)

Lara Downes - American Ballads. Lara Downes, piano. (CD, Arkadia)

Electronic Music from the University of Illinois - Gaburo/Hamm/Hiller. (LP, Heliodor)

HpcoverGeorge Enescu - Symphony No. 2., Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra; Cristian Mandeal, conductor. (CD,  Arte Nova)

Sol Hoopii - In Hollywood, His First Recordings 1925. (CD, Grass Skirt)

Charles Ives - Complete Works for Violin and Piano: Nobu Wakabayashi & Thomas Wise (CD, Arte  Nova)

Neil Rolnick - Shadow Quartet  (CD,  Innova)

Tim Dorsey - Hurricane Punch  (William Morrow, 2007).

Samuel G. Freedman -  Who She Was: My Search for My Mother's Life. (Simon & Schuster, 2005)

December 24, 2007

Top CDs in "The Teenage Wasteland" for 2007

Fans of Bill Kelly's "Teenage Wasteland" radio program, prepare your clicking finger to pounce: the part-time King of Sunday Afternoon has prepared your winter listening list. 

(All links lead you straight to the gloriously lofi legion of WFMU's Realaudio archives)

#1 Mark & the Spies (eponymous) on Screaming Apple,
#2 Hell On Heels "Dogs, Records & Wine" on Dionysus,
#3 The Maharajas "In Pure Spite" on Low Impact,
#4 The Miracle Men "They're Coming..." on Teen Sound,
#5 Mickey & the Salty Seadogs "Salt Water And Whiskey" on Sympathy For The Record Industry,
#6 Southern Culture On The Skids "Countrypolitan Favorites" on Yep Roc,
Teenage_wasteland_2#7 The Tol-Puddle Martyrs "Psych-Out USA" (self released),
#8 The Dee Rangers "Blue Swedes" on Screaming Apple,
#9 The Urges "Psych Ward" on both Screaming Apple and Off The Hip,
#10 The Manganzoides "El Entierro De Los Manganzoides" on Rastrillo,
#11 The Cynics "Here We Are" on Get Hip,
#12 The Len Price 3 "Rentacrowd" on Wicked Cool,
#13 The Chesterfield Kings "Psychedelic Sunrise" on Wicked Cool,
#14 The Kaiser Chiefs "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" on Universal/Polydor,
#15 The Royal Purple "Psychoacoustics" on Umbrella,
#16 The Midways "Manners Manners" on Screaming Apple,
#17 The Dollyrots "Because I'm Awesome" on Blackheart,
#18 The Satelliters "Where Do We Go" on Dionysus,
#19 The Sadies "New Seasons" on Yep Roc,
#20 The Gore Gore Girls "Get The Gore" on Bloodshot

December 22, 2007

DJ Trouble's top 10 and then...

Dylan-I'M NOT THERE by Todd Haynes  Breathtakingly beautiful, his provocative film about what music is, what it does to the people who make it, listen to it and love it, left me floating on a cloud.  Truly a subject that Todd Haynes holds close to his heart, his musings about music have been slowly leaking out in his previous films; SUPERSTAR: the Karen Carpenter story and Velvet Goldmine.  I am not a massive Dylan fan, but his music sounds perfect as it tumbles out of alien mouths, telling us the story of being human in America.  The CD soundtrack is also a great compilation of interesting characters, some that didn't make it into the movie.

The  first solo effort by Espers band member Meg Baird is a collection of traditional based and more contemporary covers, gorgeously sung and played.  I still haven't been able to get this cd off my heavy roatation mix.

A band of profoundly skinny and campy Brazilians making the most tuneful,Secoswacked out, dirgey pop tunes to come out of post Tropicalia Brazil.  Massive stars in their homeland, Scott Williams was the man who
introduced their hard to find 70's sounds to most of us at the station, but then I found a budget re-issue at my local record shop.  Strange indeed...

-FANS of WFMU who live far and wide, and communicate their affections, and their stories about where they are grooving to our free-form vibe.

-MARISSA NADLER live on This is the Modern World.  Marissa and Miles  win the "most gracious" award for continuing to play beautifully through a fire alarm and noisy visit by the JC Fire Department.

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December 21, 2007

Michael Shelley #1 HITS of 2007

Rusty_and_doug For about the past year I've started my show by playing whichever song from last weeks show I'm still the most excited about. Often it is a song I've been waiting all week to hear again. It's usually a song that's new to me.

This is a list of those songs. It turns out that this list mirrors my shows pretty well. There are new songs, old songs and many genres are represented.  They are the number one, number one hits of 2007 (click on the links to hear the songs in glorious lofi realaudio)

Anand Prayag & Chorus - Pretty Pretty Priya
Gosdin Brothers, The - Love At First Sight
Rusty & Doug - Hey Sheriff
Bobby Russell - Saturday Morning ConfusionKaren_h1_3
Jim Ford - It Takes Two To Make One
Bruce Channel - Mr. Bus Driver
Dion & The Belmonts - My Girl The Month Of May
Sexteto Electronico Moderno - Divagando
Karen Dalton - Something On Your Mind

the list continues just past Karen Dalton.

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December 20, 2007

Evan Funk Davies' Best of 2007

091906sloan Year end recountance from Evan Funk Davies, heard Monday nights from 11-2. (Click link to hear Real Audio sample)

Top 10 LPs of the year:
1. White Hills - Glitter Glamour Atrocity (self-released)
2. Sloan - Never Hear The End Of It (Yep Roc)
3. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Living With The Living (Touch & Go)
4. Numbers - Now You Are This (Kill Rock Stars)
5. Tranzmitors - self-titled (Deranged)
6. Mannequin Men - Fresh Rot (Flameshovel)
7. Mac Lethal - 11:11 (Rhymesayers)
8. McFadden's Parachute - Laughing Sparrow Died (Parachute)
9. Dr. Delay - Rajaz Meter (Funk Weapons)
10. Silver Sun - Dad's Weird Dream (Invisible Hands)

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December 19, 2007

Joe Belock's Top Albums of 2007

Visitors to WFMU who come via the PATH train are greeted by a piece of graffiti in the station singing the praises of Joe Belock's show.  (No seriously!  Check it out)  Think you know better than a chunk of graffiti hidden 6 stories underneath New Jersey?  Me, I'm listenin' to Joe Belock, on WFMU:

3cm 1. Glenn Mercer - Wheels in Motion (Pravda)
2. Neil Young - Chrome Dreams 2 (Reprise)
3. Sadies - New Seasons (Yep Roc)
4. The Makes Nice - Candy Wrapper and 12 Other Songs (Frenetic)
5. Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full (Hear)
6. Gondoliers - s/t (Earie)
7. Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire - Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall (Damaged Goods)
8. Southern Culture on the Skids - Countrypolitan Favorites (Yep Roc)
9. The 1990s - Cookies (Rough Trade)
10. Safes - Well Well Well

Click on any link to listen to a song from that album, in the WFMU Realaudio archives.

December 18, 2007

Trent's Ten Favorite Albums From 2007 as of 12/1/2007

Man, Idunno about y'all guys, but this year has been a real tough one for me to get ahold of musically.  So many great songs come at you that it's hard to grab them all and remember which ones you liked the best.  But albums, well, albums are a different thing.  You really have to concentrate on an album these days since there are all these single MP3s around to distract you.  But what I did, and what I suggest you maybe do, is to get that CD player back in rotation.  And get some CDs for it.  CDs rule!

Michaela_melian_125_2 10) Michaela Melian - Los Angeles.  Like her last album, the entire disc can be considered a foil for the last song - the only one with vocals, a cover of Roxy Music's "Manifesto."  But the foil certainly is a joy to sit through and take in with all its shuffly details, and then at the end you are blown away - BAM - by the straightforward awesomeness of her voice.

9) Matthew Dear - Asa Breed.  I kind of knew this guy had it in him: a perfect electronic pop record that got the attention of rock journalists.  It's cute, rough, and sparkly at the same time, like a newly-washed Hello Kitty tank, and you can dance to it, and sing along to it.

8) Prins Thomas Presents Cosmo Galactic Prism.  Well I liked this guy in the first place for the music he makes, but this two-disc mix compilation just blew my mind away.  Space-psych jams slid seamlessly under with ethereal electronics and lots of other kinds of music I didn't even know existed.  They should name a whole new genre of music "Cosmo Galactic Prism" after this record, only you can't really describe it, just hear the shine and then know it.

Charlotte1sm 7) Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55.  Charlotte, you are a beautiful and talented woman.  I don't like Air a whole ton but when they get their hands on you and slide Jarvis into the mix they know how to turn you into a really very magical star, like you even needed that in the first place.  I haven't been this happy about your career since "Lemon Incest," and I don't even think I was born then.

6) M.I.A. - Kala. When you first hear this record after having loved "Arular" so much, you're all, damn, this shit is getting H-E-A-V-Y, and then you start dancing.  What a real live woman she is.  She goes from deadpan slamming to talking about drugs to singing a Bollywood tune and has great fashion taste and loves to draw things that look like video games.  Even if she didn't have all of these "topics" people love her for I would still be all goo-goo over her.


5) Daft Punk - Alive 2007.  If my year was about anything, it was about Daft Punk.  Their mind-melting light and sound show made it pretty darn clear to me that they have as plain a grip on the future of everything as any science-fiction writer has ever had in history. It's a positive, positive expanse of time in front of us, and it's full of synchronized dancing and lights.  (If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and click here and then try to book a flight to Japan to see them before the tour ends)

4) Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil.  You know, I wasn't really into them, but then I heard this album and it makes you almost want to cry. It's just dirty and then pretty and then sad and true about things, a little naive, and says a lot of things about living now and being young in a way that only people who have been touring since they were just out of diapers can say.  Skip the overrated live show and get drunk to this album at home with your friends.

3) LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver.  The thing about James Murphy is that he's kind of like, yeah, this is who I am, and this is what I do and I do it awesomely.  Not only is "Someone Great" a tearjerker, but this Long Player makes you want to move, makes ANYone want to move (if not, get a new friend) and is perhaps the most perfect album to DRIVE to that has ever been created.

2) Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat.  Confession time!  I never listened to Arab Strap at all or even any of MM's old stuff.  But then this one came across my "desk" and BANG - uplifting/uplifting girl singing with depressing/uplifting guitar hooks around his depressed/depressed voice and words - the only album of the year where I can sing most of it, and that is saying a lot, since I normally don't "do" lyrics.  You just sit and listen, and listen, and listen, and sing.

Panda 1) Panda Bear - Person Pitch.  You can picture him sitting there looping all of these gorgeous phrases together and thinking, this is going to be the most perfect thing ever...let's do it, and then he did it.  Better than anything Animal Collective ever put out or even Brian Wilson if you want to think about it that way and with much less fuss. Yeah, that's what it's about - no fuss - just make it happen.

December 17, 2007

Woody's Best of 2007


Sf038cover Morton Feldman - For Bunita Marcus (Stephane Ginsburgh, piano) (Sub Rosa)

Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana (Smithsonian Folkways) - Listen to "Aayoo Samiah" from Evan Muse's show

Daniel Higgs - Metempsychotic Melodies (Holy Mountain) - Hear "Leontocephaline Rhapsody" from Scott McDowell's show

Dr. Delay - Rajaz Meter (Funk Weapons) - Mix cd of Middle Eastern funk. Listen to a few tracks from the cd from Liz Berg's show

PROIBIDÃO C.V: Forbidden Gang Funk From Rio de Janeiro (Sublime Frequencies)

Old things made new:

ABCs of Kid Soul (Numero) - Collection of soul/funk tracks by children.
Hear 3 Stars perform "Jersey Slide Pt. 1" from Brian Turner's show.Bcd16633
Thierry Muller - Rare & Unreleased 1974-1984 (Fractal)

Noah Howard - Black Ark (Bo'Weavil) - This free jazz collector's holy grail has finally been reissued in a large enough edition to be actually purchased. Hear "Domiabra" from Bill Mac's show

Roots of Rumba Rock: Congo Classics 1953-55 (Crammed Disc)

Boogie Down Productions - The Blast Master Tapes (Traffic)

People Take Warning: Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938 (Tompkins Square)

Shit Happens (Bear Family) - Great compilation of comically depressing country songs. Hear Eddy Arnold's "Mommy Please Stay Home With Me" from Mike Lupica's show
Ito_teiji Mario de Andrade: Missao de Pesquisas Folcloricas (Centro Cultural Sao Paulo) - Amazing hard-to-find box set of recordings by the "Alan Lomax" of Brazil. Fortunately, there is a great accompanying website.
Teiji Ito - Music for Maya: The Film Music of Teiji Ito (Tzadik)

Bippp: French Synthwave 1979-1985 (Born Bad)

Authenticite: The Syliphone Years (Stern's Music)

Richard Lerman - Music of Richard Lerman 1964-1987 (Em) - Originally released on Folkways, this album contains concert pieces as well as field recordings of Lerman's "Travelon Gamelon", a bicycle orchestra. Hear a concert version from 1981 from Maria Levitsky's show

December 16, 2007

Acapulco Dance Party Winter Solstice Megamixx

Acapulco Rodriguez brings us his list for 2007:

Holidaygraphics So it's finally here: the end of 2007!? I mean, what happen!? So you say, Acapulco, what you got to say for youself? Well, I just got to laugh -- you gotta take the good with the bad, and the bad with the ugly: war in Iraq is wack, but Barrack Obama is the next prezident of the USA; Mrs. Acapulco got a bun in thee oven, meanwhile Britney losing all her kids to the man 'cos she ain't done recoverin'. My addiction is strictly musical, and I hope and pray, yours too. This holiday, whether you celebrate Feliz Navidad, Chanukha, or Kwanza, you gots to bring the jams -- and if you're at a loss for what to throw down, here's my personal mix of 37 cuts that made the cut, the muse-sick that made my dick hard this year, or made your pussy wet (as the case may be!? Ha ha ha!). Peace.

  Consumer Electronics: Nobody's Ugly, No Fun LP
  Broom Dusters: Sound From The Bottom Of The Tokyo Underground, Siwa LP
  M.B.: Symphony For A Genocide, Hospital / w.m.o CD
  Mattress: In the Pocket, Malt Duck 7"
  Peter Brotzmann & Sonny Sharrock: Fragments, Okka Disk LP
  Angelblood: Mambo Mange, Locust LP
  Billy Bao: Fuck Separation, S-S 10"
  Blank Dogs: The First Four Weeks, Freedom School 12"
  Eat Skull: Eat Skull, Meds 7"
  So Cow: Moon Geun Young, Myoclonic / Almost Ready 7"

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December 15, 2007

Liz Berg's Best of 2007

1. Best ways to work off a caffeine buzz
Hooray DAT Politics - Are Oui Phony? (listen)
OCDJ - Hooray (listen)
Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings (listen)
The Deathset - Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods (listen)
Andrew WK - Close Calls with Brick Walls (listen)


2. Best sound collage wizardry
Peopleperpetuum People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Perpetuum Mobile (listen)
Blanketship & the Dollson Family Singers - Music with a Message (listen)
Listen with Sarah - The World of Listen with Sarah (listen)
The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon on WFMU


3. Best of Brooklyn
Gaame Aa - gAame (listen)
Shooting Spires - Shooting Spires (listen)
Parts & Labor - Mapmaker (listen)
WFMU's Free Music Series concerts at Southpaw



4. Best onstage mayhem
Lexiemountainboys Lexie Mountain Boys - pretty down-home ballads, schizo freakouts, out-of-body experiences, and the best crowd heckling of 2007. (listen | watch)
Flaming Fire - one word: togas. (listen | watch)
Monotonix - antics regularly involve fire, garbage, wall-climbing, and a moving drum kit. (listen | watch)
Dark Meat - a sweaty mess, southern hippie horn cult involving 10-14 band members. (listen | watch)

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December 14, 2007

Lou Ziegler's (The Push Bin) Top 10 Things I Heard in the Year 2007

Skull_discoAll links open streaming Real Audio from Lou's archives.

1. Various Artists - Soundboy Punishments (Skull Disco) Not only my favorite record of the year but the Ricardo Villalobos remix of "Blood On My Hands" is also my favorite track of the year. Simply stunning.

2. Studio - West Coast (Information) 
Pulls me out of a bad mood every time.

3. Working For A Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts (Deaf Dumb & Blind Recordings)
Great early 90s shoegaze/Madchester feel.

4. The Terminals - Last Days Of The Sun (Last Visible Dog)
Its been quite awhile since these guys put out a record and this one was well worth the wait.

5. Wiley - Playtime Is Over (Big Dada) 
This should also include all of the Tunnel Vision mix tapes that Wiley put out this year.

6. Wooden Shjips - s/t (Holy Mountain)  Terminals
The organ on "We Ask You to Ride" gets me grooving every time.

7. Deepchord Presents Echospace - The Coldest Season (Modern Love) 
Will take a few listens to hook you, but it will.

8. Numbers - Now You Are This (Kill Rock Stars) 
Dreamy, spacey, and fun.

9. Talibam! - Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts (Azul Discographica) 
I've never been able to describe these guys properly, but someone else has termed their music "shitstorm skronk". Works for me.

10. The Field - From Here We Go Sublime (Kompakt) 
A record that I thought would be very hard to recreate in a live setting. I was proven wrong over the summer.

Click here for the Push Bin's playlists and audio archives.

December 13, 2007

Janitor From Mars' Top 10 of 2007

The Janitor From Mars checks in with his list (in alphabetical order):

Burmese_2 Burmese Cafe (RIP)


Mark Ladner / Del Posto

DunkmidproNike Dunk Mid Pro SB (Black / Light Graphite) "Grip Tape"


Ohio State 14 | Michigan 3

Reigning Champ by CYC


Uniqlo Vintage Chinos

West Ham 3 | Spurs 4


+ three interpretations of animal skins:

Courtforce Nike Court Force Premium (White/Black-Medium Grey) Atmos "Elephant" (laces by Starks)

Clyde Puma Clyde (Black / Metallic Gold) "Solebox"



Chukka Vans Chukka Boot LX (Black / Lime Fizz) 3 Feet High - "Huf"

December 12, 2007

DJ/Rupture Top 10 2007

Sweatx2_4 DJ/Rupture checks in with his Top 10 (all Listen links are real audio):

1. Superstar Ralph & Sandman - Cumbia Caliente (mix cd) Listen

2. Fnaire - Yed El Henna (album) Listen

3. Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney (live performance for viola and voice)

4. Swizz Beats (producer) Listen

5. Calle 13 - Residente o Visitante (album) Listen

6. Skepta (production) Listen

7. Transes (music documentary about Moroccan band Nass el Ghiwane) Listen

8. Sweat X (band) Listen via myspace

9. Dirty Projectors - No More (song) Listen  |  Download MP3 (via Dead Oceans label)

10. Lil Wayne (MC) Listen

Also, Sonido Martines did a mix of cumbias rebajadas for my show, and came into the studio for a bilingual chat about the cumbia rebajada scene (see playlist  |  listen to archive). You can download Sonido Martines' entire 30 min mix here (MP3). The music is all South American & Mexican, older records (pre-70s mostly), sloooowed down.

December 11, 2007

Tell This Man in the Middle to Wear Some Pants For His Plug Award Acceptance: Brian Turner's 2007 Year End Faves

Clockcleaner1(Year end lister John Sharkey III of Clockcleaner, center, when he's not batting full beer cans at heads or putting his naked butt in peoples' faces while he makes them sing Brainbombs covers with his band). My 2007 soundtrack, many listed below have been showcased on my weekly Tuesday 3-6pm radio show. Click the artist to hear Real Audio:
Dial - 168K (Cede)
Nid - Plate Tectonics (Auf Aubwegen)
Blues Control - Puff (Woodsist) and s/t (Holy Mountain)
Tropa Macaca - Marfim (Ruby Red)
G*Park - Seismogramm (Blossoming Noise)
Clockcleaner - Babylon Rules (Load)
Psychedelic Horseshit - Magic Flowers Drone (Siltbreeze)
Circle of Ouroborus - Shores (Northern Sky Productions)
Tarantel - Ghetto Beats From the Surface of the Sun (Temporary Residence)
Lichens/Lexie Mountain - Split 12" (Hoss) and slabs of Lexie CDRs
Ricardo Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheur (Playhouse)
Ignatz - II (K-raa-k)
Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II (Reprise)
Der Teenage Panzer Korps - Harmful Emotions (Siltbreeze)
Ainotamenishis - Live 418 (Holy Mountain)
Wold - Screech Owl (Profound Lore)
Acid Eater - Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. (Time Bomb)
Drear/Great American Desert - split CD (Autumn Wind Productions)
Machinefabriek - Weleer (Lampse)
Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed - Hulgizey (Terp)
Pan Sonic - Katodivaihe (Blast First)
Futurians - Play the Breathtaking Sounds of Tivol 7" (Soft Abuse)
Vomit Orchestra - Bridges Burnt (Autumn Wind Productions)
Stielas Storhett - Vandrer... (Northern Silence)
Sic Alps - Description of the Harbor (Awesome Vistas)
RLW - An Archivist's Nightmare (Beta Lactam-Ring)

and the rest....

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December 10, 2007

Dan Bodah's Best of 2007

A few of the many really good records that came out in 2007:

AkronAkron/Family, Love is Simple

A truly ridiculous record that basically blends together everything that is right about shambling hippies chanting around a campfire in the woods, stomping up and down to the most primitive driving rhythms around, the baroque multi-room mansion approach of prog rock songwriting, and dust floating in the morning light pouring in beside a steaming cup of tea.  It makes absolutely perfect sense from the word go.


Rosenbaum The Art of Field Recording, Vol. 1: 50 Years of Traditional American Music
Documented by Art Rosenbaum

I've just started to dig into this 4-CD set of direct, raw recordings of the real American culture that still actively bubbles away under the onslaught of synthetic crapola on the popular charts. This is the first of a contemplated set of 3 volumes from the good folks at Dust-to-Digital Records.  God bless them.


Souleyman Omar Souleyman, Highway to Hassake

A collection of brash Syrian dabke pop music on the inimitable Sublime Frequencies label, purveyors of fine peaks into far-flung street cultures.



Lexie Lexie Mountain, Boys (and all other Lexie Mountain Boys CDRs)

Like a psychotic glee club hopped up on Yoko Ono and Monty Python, the Lexie Mountain Boys officially conquered the world in 2007 with the #1 WFMU a capella hit "Dogs Hot" (MP3) and their performance at the WFMU Record Fair in November.


Talibam Talibam!, Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts

Free rock attack jazz comes on like a tornado and leaves like a tsunami.



A few more:  Chicha Libre's "Amazonicas" and the "Roots of Chicha" compilation on Barbes Records; Taureg and desert rock from Tinariwen, Tartit, Group Inerane, Etran Finatawa, Group Doueh; The ongoing madness that is the Ethiopiques series; William Parker & Raining on the Moon's "Corn Meal Dance"; and Throbbing Gristle's "The Endless Not" (a great album regardless of all the anti/hype).